A little taste of Vengeance – A Hakai Kimonos Review

A little taste of Vengeance – A Hakai Kimonos Review

Hakai Kimonos Gi Review


I always do a lot of research before I venture out to purchase a gi. Doesn’t matter if it’s for everyday training, a tournament gi, or a hot weather gi.

Even before we had the wonderful help of gireviews.net, I would spend days, weeks, and months going to every website I could think of to find a gi (Oh do go on! ~ Brendan)

I thought would fit me properly, be comfortable, and have some style. I had decided my 4th ever purchased gi would be a rip stop gi because I had never even had rip stop pants, so I wanted something different.

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The things I wanted to consider most was fit and cost. I also only owned two white gi’s and a black gi so I knew my purchase would be for a blue one.


Hakai Kimonos gi jacket

I was super pumped when I saw this gi for the first time, only a couple of patches but lots of embroidering to add to the quality of the gi.

Hakai Kimonos gi patch

Patches on lapel and both shoulders, but embroidering on each shoulder, the back, the skirt, and the pants make for a pretty blinged out and solid gi.  Please note that Vengeance is incorrectly spelled on the back of the gi as “Vengeance.”


I liked the description of the size for an A3, 5'11”-6'2″ 185-220, because I’m tall and skinny.

Even at 6’1”, 165lbs, this is closer then most gi’s I’ve researched. Right out of the package, the arm length and the pants fit perfectly. Also to my surprise, it wasn’t overly baggy.

From my previous shrinking experiments, I realized the length shrank more then the width so I choose to leave it alone. The cuffs were a little wide, but that’s not something that really bothers me.

One thing I do different than most is hang dry them until completely dry then throw them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for a few minutes and they don’t shrink and come out super soft.

gireviews-size-chart2A: 7 ½”
B 26 ½”
C 21 ½”
D 22 ½”
E 21”
F 13”
G 9 ½”
H 39”


It’s a 500gsm ripstop jacket with T3 Triple Lock™ Heavy-duty reinforcement and triple stitching in all key areas.

So it’s not a superlite or a heavy-duty gi, more in the middle for everyday training and comfort. As for the lapel, it’s got GiCore™ Lapel with antimicrobial/Antifungal properties.

Hakai Kimonos gi embroidery


They are ripstop just like the jacket with reinforced knees, a 4-point loop system, with the drawstring being the exact ripstop material as the pants.

I wish it had the rope drawstring because that’s what I like the most, but the ripstop material is soft enough that they really don’t come un-tied like others I’ve used.

Hakai Kimonos gi pants

The pant legs are wider them some others I’ve used, which makes it a little easier to hold on to because my legs are skinny, but if you have bigger legs this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Rolling Performance

I’ve used this gi for training for over a year now. It’s arguably my most comfortable gi in my regular rotation.

Hakai Kimonos gi belt loops

We don’t train with the air conditioner blowing away, but a few box fans to circulate air, and I never got overly hot rolling in it even with the 100+ degree Oklahoma weather. When I sweat in it, it doesn’t get soaked down and heavy, it keeps its lightness and flexibility.


If you want a everyday training gi, comfortable, lightweight without being flimsy, and a budget gi, this is the one for you.

They range from $99.00 to $159.00 so do some research and find the best price for you.

Disclaimer: To my happiness, MMA outlet had them on sale for $99.00 (109.00 for blue).  I had purchased two gi’s from them previously and they only charged $22 for overnight shipping (I’m impatient).



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