Grab&Pull Premium Gi Review

Grab&Pull Premium Gi Review

grab and pull premium review


The Grab&Pull Premium gi is a really solid training gi. Its cut is a bit larger than some of my other A3 gis but it’s priced reasonably and offered in pretty cool colorways.

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Grab& Pull Premium Gi Introduction

Grab&Pull is a British company who makes BJJ gis priced around the mid range (130-150 in most places). While they do make a light, ripstop gi, the gi that I am reviewing is their premium gi. Good for all-around training and competition, this would make a solid all-around gi active BJJ player.


grab and pull premium gi front view

The fit of the Grab&Pull Premium gi is large. I’m 6’1 and 200-210lbs and the only A3s that I would consider to be as large are my DOM DMX V or my Ronin Samurai. While the Dom has a wider midsection, the Grab&Pull Premium has wider sleeves and pant legs. Once I shrunk it down, it felt a bit better.

If you are at the top of a gi size, or in between sizes, this may be a great gi for you. Also, if you have larger arms and thighs and don’t prefer a super tight gi, then this gi would be perfect.


All measurements listed below are after a cold wash and warm dry as outlined in our gi washing/shrinking guide. So please note the actual gi may be a bit larger than what I list here.

 gireviews size chart

A – 7

B – 29

C – 21

D – 23.5

E – 23

F – 13 (Justgipants are 11.5)

G – 10

H – 39


grab and pull premium gi jacket

I wanted this gi because of the design. I got into BJJ right after Shoyoroll made their 7th son gi and I have always been bummed that I never got one. I love the orange and black colorways on the gi and Grab&Pull did a great job with the overall aesthetics on the gi.

grab and pull premium gi skirt

The branding on this gi is actually very similar to my Submission Light gi, the only exception being that this one does not have the lapel patch (which is great because I almost always remove that patch for sponsor/team patches).

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grab and pull premium gi collar comparison

The jacket is made of 550gsm material so it may be a bit heavier and thicker than 400-450gsm gi tops. There is a lot of branding on the jacket in the form on shoulder patches and fringe taping, but it all seems to flow fairly well. There is also no lapel patch, which I like.

grab and pull premium gi sleeves

I would love to see Grab&Pull try their hand at embroidery in the future!


The pants offer 4 drawstring loops and a very bulky drawstring. The ends of the drawstring frayed quite a bit, but other than that it was very solid.

The pants has six rows of stitching along the bottom which is probably totally unnecessary, but looks very cool. The seam tape on the inside of the pants is well done and not scratchy at all.

Rolling Performance

grab and pull premium gi back view

The gi was great to roll in and was fairly comfortable. The sleeves being a bit wider doesn’t make a huge difference for me when rolling. I tend to strip grips really fast.

If you don’t have a decent grip fighting game, be prepared for your partners to really enjoy grabbing and pulling (see what I did there?) on your sleeves. I really prefer fitted pants, as noted above, so one of the issues for me was that in playing guard, I felt like my partners had a lot more material to grab on to to pass my guard.

Either that or my guard sucks. Probably a bit of both.

Wife Approval

She definitely dug the color combination. But also noted that it was a bit big. On the John Hughes scale of one to ‘Breakfast Club,’ she would rank it a ‘Weird Science.’

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grab and pull premium gi rolling performance

The Grab&Pull Premium gi is an excellent gi that’s great for training and will last a long time. While many people prefer lighter gis for competition, if you don’t have to weigh in with the gi on, then it would be great for that as well!

Even though the fit wasn’t the best for me, if you’re a bit thicker than I am or don’t prefer a super-tight gi, then this would be perfect for you. Or if you just dig the orange and black color combo!  You will definitely be able to move unrestricted in the Grab&Pull Premium gi!

Offered in very cool colorways and with solid stitching and construction, I would definitely recommend then to US customers as well.


  1. According to the jj progear website that sells them, an A3 is for a max height of 6ft and max weight of 200 lbs. Their size chart must be wrong or the A3 would be snug on you not big. I’m not sure which size to get now since I’m about the same size as you. According to the size chart the A2 would not fit us.


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