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Go Full Spats – Scramble Urban Camo Spats Review

Go Full Spats – Scramble Urban Camo Spats Review

Go Full Spats!!

A while back, I picked up the Urban Camo spats from Scramble.  I absolutely love them and they definitely beat out the Poss spats and my Under Armour tights that I used previously.

Please note that all of the photos here come from my Instagram account.  That's one of the first places I post photos of anything I'm working on so definitely check it out!

But Brendan, I don't have enough swagger to go ‘full spats'

Don't worry. Neither do I.

I just go for it.

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Wait, I guess that means I do.

Here's the deal.  These shorts still look awesome even with board-style grappling shorts on over them.  No worries though, because Scramble makes a few of those as well (my personal favorite are the purple!).




I am 6'1 and 200lbs and, originally, I thought that I should be a size Large. But, after speaking to the customer service people (aka Matt), I decided on picking up a size XL and boy am I glad that I did.


I love that the different panels of the pants create a very ‘3D' effect on my legs.  I prefer this to spats with just one large piece of material because they tend to be tighter in one area and looser in others while these spats are tight all over.

Additionally, I love the drawstring so there's no chance of them falling down when training.



I have owned and used these spats a few times per week for months (hence the delay in writing this review!) and have had literally no sign of wear or tear on them.

I have heard only a single report seams tearing in one area of these spats, but that person also noted that they had their spats replaced immediately by Scramble, who is known for their fantastic customer service.

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Typically one to shy away from camouflage, I actually really like the style on these spats.

First, I love is that they're dark enough that you don't see any more of me than you'd want to.

scramble urban camo spats tights label

Second, I'm a huge fan of the typography that Scramble uses and this is no different.

Third, the camouflage, designed by Appleseed (Aplsd), is really cool and unique.

These were all major reasons we voted these spats as one of the “Best Fightwear Design (Non-Gi) of 2012”.

Rolling Performance

Because the Scramble Urban Camo Spats have a drawstring built in, along with elastic in the waistband, I had no issues with them falling down during training or becoming transparent when soaking wet.

I felt as though they provided a small amount of extra grip and while I'm no Tōbikan Jūdan, I do sincerely believe that they lend aid to securing leglocks and sweeps from the bottom.



Obviously, I'm pretty taken with these spats. They're amazing quality and function better than any spats I have ever worn, to date.  It's why I also included them in the 2012 GiReviews Nogi Holiday Gift Guide.

I believe that Scramble has set the standard for spats, which is why I wrote this article in 2012 for Scramble about why grappling spats are so awesome and the Urban Camo Spats are definitely some of their best spats to date!

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