Gi Review: War Tribe Hydrogen Ultralight Women’s Gi

Gi Review: War Tribe Hydrogen Ultralight Women’s Gi

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War Tribe gis have gotten positive reviews from our other female writers here at, so I'm pumped to finally be able to try one out myself. Their newest release, the Hydrogen Ultralight, is giving me a pretty promising first impression.

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The Look

War Tribe Hydrogen Ultralight Pants

This gi impressed me from the moment I took it out of the box. Stylistically, it stands out from the pack with details that are both pink and yellow. It's a nice feminine touch without being distracting. But while the appearance caught my eye, the feel is what really got me. This gi is super soft, to the point where I feel like I wouldn't be totally uncomfortable lounging around the house in it.

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The Fit


I normally wear a size F2 in gis, but this one is a little large on me, particularly in the jacket. It's worth noting that my teammates like to tease me for having “T-Rex arms”, but even so, I'd probably recommend going down a size if you're on the shorter side like me and you don't want to have to shrink it. Still, the Hydrogen Ultralight lives up to its name; it's super lightweight, and I feel like it would be great for summer training or competition.

I was really pleased with the fit of the pants. War Tribe has a lot of experience with making women's gis, and it shows; they didn't make the mistake that many other companies make of not providing enough material to compensate for wider hips. I felt adequately covered from front to back, and the waistband didn't cut into me.


The Performance

Over the past few months, I've worn this gi a lot. It's easily the most comfortable gi I own, and it's only gotten softer with time. It's also held up extremely well, and while I did notice one thread that came loose, it hasn't shown any signs of being close to ripping or otherwise falling apart.

war tribe pants

The only issue I've had with this gi is the size. I've attempted to shrink it over the time that I've had it, and it hasn't made a noticeable difference. While this is certainly good news for anyone whose gi fits them perfectly, the long sleeves were a bit cumbersome for me in training. However, I really liked rolling in the pants, which not only stayed put rather than falling down mid-roll, but also offered me a lot of mobility. Never once did I feel restricted, and I need to emphasise that the pants were so comfortable that it was almost like rolling in actual pyjamas.

war tribe pants

As expected, the gi is also nice and light. Summer training, while never pleasant, wasn't unbearable while I was wearing this, and it was another reason why I ended up picking this gi over all the other ones I owned on such a consistent basis.

Closing Thoughts

If I were to purchase another War Tribe gi, I'd probably order a size down from what I normally buy. But aside from that, which is honestly not a big deal if you can exchange what you bought, this is a five-star gi for me. The material and comfort really won me over, and it's so distinct that I could easily pick out this gi in the dark if it were thrown into a pile with all my other gis. It's clear that War Tribe pays attention to its female customer base, and I appreciate the fact that their female gis are actually sized for women rather than just being smaller versions of male gis. The lightweight nature of it also gave it serious brownie points for me. If you'd like to buy one of these gis for yourself (and I recommend you do), check them out along with War Tribe's other female gis to see if there are any you'd like to rock on the mats.

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Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for War Tribe.

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