Gi Review Preview: War Tribe Hydrogen Gi

Gi Review Preview: War Tribe Hydrogen Gi

Gi Review Preview: War Tribe Hydrogen Gi


War Tribe Gear established themselves a while back as one of those rare companies that truly goes out of their way to give their customers the best products they can put together.  Many of this company's releases thus far have been full weight gis that featured awesome fits and awesomer looks, so this reviewer already has some positive bias going in…  But how do they do an ultra lightweight gi?  Is it the same uncompromising standard of quality?

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A bit over a year ago I reviewed three War Tribe gis, the Flow, the Precision and the Black Widow.  All three gis got very high recommendations from me as their fabric, fit and wear were all among the best gis I’ve ever worn.  Lightweight gis are different though, they’re harder to make correctly.  Their durability tends to not be as good as heavier gis and it can be difficult to produce a perfect fit.

I recently received the War Tribe Hydrogen gi.  Hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table, so to call a gi “Hydrogen” is a bold statement.  Then again, Hydrogen is also the key element in one of the most powerful weapons in human history, so is this gi “da bomb”?

Unpacking the gi the first things I noticed were how soft and light all the fabrics used were, and how cool the multi colored contrast stitching looks on this gi.  The lightness of this gi will be welcome as it goes through my summer gi rotation.

I’m currently 2 wears in, and I am already predicting that my final review will be as positive as this gi’s heavier counterparts.  If you are interested in picking one of these gis up, head over to and check out this gi or one of their other products.

Full review coming in a few months!

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Disclosures: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for War Tribe Gear.

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