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Gi Review: Lanky FG – Are You Lanky? Here’s A Great Gi for the Tall and Slender!

Gi Review: Lanky FG – Are You Lanky? Here’s A Great Gi for the Tall and Slender!

Lanky Fight Gear BJJ Gi Review


The Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 is the first Gi offered by Lanky Fight Gear. This company specializes in Gis for lanky fighters and thus offers much sought after “L” sizes. If you are a longer, leaner BJJ player this high quality gi is a great option!

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Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 Review (1)

Being a lanky guy, I have always had a difficult time finding the best fitting gis. My first “L” size gi was the Inverted Gear Panda gi and that fit was PERFECT for me. When I heard about Lanky FG’s offering, I was very excited to get to try out another company’s L size gi.

Upon receiving the gi, I noticed the lack of a gi bag (most “premium gis” come in some sort of drawstring bag), but the gi did come with a nice sticker which is always a plus, and the gi itself is great!


Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 Review (3)

L sized gis are the way to go for me. I am 6’1 and I generally weigh anywhere between 190-205 (depending on how many cookies I’ve eaten on a given day). L size gis are the best fit for me, hands down, and the Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 is no exception. For all intents and purposes this gi fit me exactly like my Inverted Gear gi and that is perfect!

gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chartA: 6.5

B: 28.75

C: 31

D: 22.5

E: 21.5

F: 11

G: 8.5

H: 39


This gi plays on two design points: the word “lanky” written out in cursive, and an ominous, threatening looking octopus. The gi has all of the standard features that premium gis often come with, one feature that I really like is the rip stop reinforcements inside of the gi.

Very often I find that premium gis have rip stop right past the collar to make getting a grip on the gi even more difficult, gis that have this feature are definitely winners in my book!

Lanky FG Pro 550 BJJ Gi Review (3)

Most of branding on the outside of the gi is embroidered which means that it will last the life of the gi. The company’s logo is unique and the color way they chose for the gi I reviewed is pleasing (white gi, red details, silver drawstring and black taping with red and silver writing).

I recently reviewed a Soul Roll Alpha gi and a Valor Fight wear Carioca gi I found the “bling” factor of this gi to sit right in the middle. The gi is not austere or “simple” but it is definitely a very clean design.

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The jacket is a standard 550 gsm pearl weave. Nothing unordinary about it, good fabric will stand up to abuse. The taping on the bottom of the gi and in the cuffs is branded, it is also very soft, no scratchiness. The collar is ripstop over EVA foam, again fairly standard.

The feature I like most about the gi top is the hidden ripstop behind the collar as well as right beyond the taping in the seam. This is a feature my Inverted Gear gi has that has put it at the top of my list of favorite gis.

Lanky FG Pro 550 BJJ Gi Review (5)

Both arms have the same octopus logo, the back of the gi has the Lanky logo. My one and only criticism is the placement of some of the embroideries, particularly one between the shoulders. I train in a rash guard but at competition this could possibly be an irritant. I rate this gi very highly.


The pants are made of a nice ripstop. Like the Valor Carioca, the drawstring is not tied off but is singed to prevent fraying.  Along with the singed rope, the pants have 6 belt loops (which is always a plus).  Like many gi pants the Lanky FG has a double layer of fabric that goes from the top of the knee down to a few inches above the bottom of the pants, some people prefer having that double layer go all the way down.

The Lanky FG has a gold weave gusset in the pants. I found this interesting as many gis with gi material gussets use the same material in the gusset as they do for the gi itself. This gusset makes for tighter submissions inside the guard which can be a huge competitive advantage.

Also the trousers have a small hidden pocket for an ID or mouth guard. I’ve never personally used one of these pockets (many gis have them) but it’s always nice to know it’s there if I need it.

Similar to the gi top, the bottom has one octopus logo and the cursive “Lanky” across the butt. Like the gi top, this could possibly pose an issue for someone depending on how they play their guard, but it did not affect me at all.

Rolling Performance

This gi fits perfectly, and thus gives me the competitive edge that I want from my gis. My favorite feature (the hidden ripstop past the collar and the seam taping) makes for easier grip breaking which is awesome!

I like everything about how this gi feels when I roll in it!

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Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 Review (2)

Of the gis I’ve reviewed, the Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 is by far the best fitting which is a hugely valuable feature. The gi itself is beautiful with lots of details that make it both fun and tough looking at the same time. I would definitely recommend this gi to anyone interested in buying one.

Disclosure: This gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review. I have never done any work with or for Lanky FG.

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