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Gameness XT Gi Review

Gameness XT Gi Review


by Chad Kuhn


My name is Chad Kuhn, head instructor of Team East Coast/New Breed Ohio in Canton, Ohio. I have wanted a new black gi for a while, so when Gameness released the XT in black I knew I wanted to try it.

As soon as I opened the box, I thought wow this is a sick gi.  The color of the contrast stitching and the embroidered pit bull logos…. everything looked great.

A couple of my training partners have the XT in white and said it ran a little big and didn’t shrink much at all.

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I typically wear an A3 in everything; I guess I fall in between A2/A3 since I am 6ft and 150 lbs. But, I have always gone with the A3 for length, so I figured I would try an A2 in the XT and I am glad I did.

It fit pretty good right out of the box. The gi was a little long in the sleeves, but I washed and dried it on high heat for about 10 minutes and now its perfect. I have rolled in it several times already and believe it is the best gi I have ever owned…. I love it! I would recommend it to everyone. Below is some more info on the gi:

Reinforced stitching including the elbows, a thick rubber collar, 10 Loop MaxDraw ® drawstring system, Gameness Platinum 100% Cotton pants and a 550 gram Pearl Weave top. The XT features blue contrast stitching, embroidery and a newly designed chest patch.

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Photos of the Gameness XT Limited Edition Gi

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