Fushida Kimonos BJJ Gi Reviews

Fushida Kimonos BJJ Gi Reviews

Fushida Kimonos Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews


fushida kimonos

Fushida Kimonos Info

Fushida Kimonos is a very popular gi company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).  Originally specializing in judo gis, Fushida Kimonos was founded by Christo van Rooyen about six years ago (in 2006).    Fushida spent about two years in development before making their first gi, but in the end, it was worth it.  Aesopian's 2011 gi survey cited Fushida Kimonos as the Top Brand of 2011.


Their gis really are fantastic.  Their Comp GS gi offers a 450 gram pearl weave top with solid training pants made from 12oz cotton and a pearl weave gusset (similar to what Shoyoroll has done in the past).  Really a fantastic and sharp looking gi (having seen them in person before).

Another awesome thing is that they're very reasonably priced.  Fushida Kimonos really ranks highly just by comparison, but when you add in price, it really blows away competition (only gi in the top 6 under $130).


  1. Fushida comp gs: All of the details are there: slim cut, light pearl weave, nice looking, taping and reinforcements, extra belt loops, decent price , etc…
    BUT, there are some basic problems. First, the fit is a bit strange in one dimension… The jacket skirt is the shortest I’ve ever worn, so if you don’t like that, then this might not be for you.

    Next, the stitching is not very high quality…hanging threads, crooked lines, etc. Finally, the yellow taping is very scratchy and a PITA to remove because some of the stitching holding the lapel on strayed onto the yellow tape, so I had to reattach a portion of the lapel when I removed the tape.

    All of that aside , the combination of slim fit, light pearl weave and awesome pants make this one of my favourite gis in my closet for randori at the moment.

  2. I own an A1X CompGS and LOVE it!. im 5’8″ 135 and it fits perfect. The yellow taping has never bothered me and stitching is spot on.

  3. I’d agree with Allan that the yellow taping on the inside is scratchy, and actually serves no purpose (it doesn’t cover the join between the collar and jacket), but the stitching on both my white and blue GS gis is impeccable. Not a single crooked or missed stitch, and no loose threads. The only other gis where I could honestly say the same are my previous Fushidas (Mantis and Komodo models), and my Toraki BJJ gi. Something to do with being primarily Judo manufacturers I wonder?

  4. I would have to agree with Allan’s comment that the Comp GS is the shortest gi I’ve ever worn. It’s almost disconcertingly short. I contacted Christo and he said that was the direction they had planned to go with the Comp gi. I bought an A2X for me and an A1X for my son. There were minor (but still annoying) issues with wandering rows of stitching, but the overall construction was real good. The guys I train with have said that it’s impossible to collar choke me due to the bullet-proof thickness/stiffness of the lapel material. I suspect that it will loosen up over time, but I’m not having to worry about getting choked as much. The jacket is light, but is strong and does not stretch at all when soaked with sweat like other light gis. The graphics are nice but not gaudy at all.

      • The quality is at least as good as Atama used to be back about 9 years ago when they weren’t pumping out high volume. Fit and finish is great- no loose threads, seams are straight, fabric is high quality.
        I personally like the fit better than Ouano because the overall fit is closer, and less baggy in my Fushida. It fits similar to Shoyroll (I borrowed my friend’s to see if I should splurge and get one. I decided “no” and went with Fushida and never looked back) without the annoying wait list and high price.


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