Get the Funk Out: Fight Soap Gear Spray Review

Get the Funk Out: Fight Soap Gear Spray Review

It can happen when you least expect it, your favorite Gi, rash guard, shorts, etc, despite washing it regularly, there is still a lingering smell. IT WON’T COME OUT. The smell mocks you; this image may come to mind

 If you are tired of this guy mocking you then might I suggest using a fabric spray IN ADDTION to NOT IN SUBSTIUTION OF (repeat that last part over and over) regular washings. What I use is Fight Soap’s Gear Spray.  It retails for $12.99 for an eight-ounce bottle.

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Fight Soap Gear Spray Review

I know that some do not like Fight Soap’s marketing, claiming it is too gimmicky.  However, in my experience their products work very well.

I have made and sold soaps, lotions, and various bath and body products off and on for twelve years, and I can tell when a company uses and makes quality products like this.

I have embarrassed myself and my friends many times in Bath and Body Works, for commenting on the quality and price of their products.

Fight Soap uses all natural ingredients such as witch hazel, tea tree, aloe juice, and litsea in the gear spray.

Fight Soap Gear Spray

I have used this product off and on since June of 2012, on everything from my rash guards, Gis, gym bag, and even in other places like my car. I even gave a bottle to some friends who were dealing with their roommate’s cat treating their entire apartment as a litter box.

The bottle I gave to friends did rid their apartment of the cat odor  .This gear spray has kept my  gear for Gi and No Gi class fresh and free of Mr. Funk. The smell of the spray has a strong note of citrus.

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When I can train as much as I’d like to (three to four times a week) one bottle usually lasts three to six weeks. This includes liberally spraying all of my gear after it is out of the wash, or sometimes before if I can’t wash it immediately. Once I left my Gi my bag overnight in my car in Alabama heat. I was prepared to need a gas mask to handle my Gi.

However, because I sprayed it a couple of times with the spray, the funk was no where near as potent, and after washing it, and spraying it again, my cardinal sin was erased. I would venture to say, you don’t have to use it after every wash, but it has now become habit for me.

I live in fear of being “that person” you know who I am talking about… That person who can probably tap people out just by the smell of their gear, the smell that is something similar to a wet dog that rolled around in corn chips.

The Most Difficult Test

The most difficult test came very recently. When I opened my new Shoyoroll Her Honor Gi, I was overwhelmed with a smell. Apparently, Gi factories use chemicals to set the dyes in them. I just want know how they managed to reproduce the smell of my Grandmother’s closet (old mothballs) in a new Gi.

I grabbed the spray ,and began to spray furiously. I am happy to report that after spraying it the Gi and letting it air out overnight, the smell is 90 percent gone. I literally have to press my face into the Gi, and inhale very deeply to smell any trace of the original smell.

Overall, I am very happy with this investment, the one down side is the price. There is however a way to save. Join Fight Soap’s mailing list. They are very good about giving out discount codes to people on this list, and regular customers. For example, people on their mailing list got a 30% off code on Black Friday. They also put freebies in their packages, like stickers, buttons, etc.


If you still can’t justify the price I understand, but despite all of their “gimmicks” these guys deliver on their products and customer service. If you still aren’t sold you can always buy Febreeze or what not, and it will work, however you will use exponentially more of it to get the same results. I have tried this.

In my experience, Febreeze simply covers the smells rather than eliminate them.


Fight Soap’s gear spray or any fabric spray cannot substitute for regular washings cough hack another common sense disclaimer. But they can sure help keep your gear (and therefore your hard earned money) fresh and increase its longevity. If you can spare the money, I highly recommend picking up a

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  1. Awesome review Brendan!
    Sometimes, the price is well worth the while! Specially when you buy gear that costs you 200$, you want to take care of it for as long as possible.


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