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Fabrique Pour Grapplers (FPG) Collection Review

FPG Shirts

We've done a few reviews of awesome stuff that the guys at Fabrique Pour Grapplers (FPG) have released in the past.

In fact, I even did an interview with them a while back that was really awesome.

Then, we checked out their first collection, as well as their second release.

This release is no different.  The t-shirts are incredibly soft with an awesome fit for any BJJ athlete.

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The attention to detail is incredible and more of what I would expect buying a tshirt from my favorite brand, The Hundreds, than from a BJJ brand.

Check out the photos below as well as some info about our next FPG review!




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Be on the lookout for our review of their tank top and fall/winter jacket (easily two of my favorite things they've ever produced) in our upcoming “FPG: Summer vs. Winter” review.

As always, you can check out their latest releases at

If sweatshirts are your thing, you can also get them at MMA Overload!

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