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The Epic Gi eBook is Out Now

The Epic Gi eBook

Yes, I am playing on words, it is an epic gi book which also happens to be an ebook! It’s not as funny if you have to explain it…

What if you never had any questions about BJJ gis ever again?

What if I could answer every single one in a single place?

What if I also could promise I could save you hundreds of dollars on BJJ gis?

Today marks my attempt to do exactly that.  This Book collectively answers as many BJJ gi related questions in one place.BJJ Gi Reviews Epic Gi Book by Budovideos and GiReviews

Follow these steps to get your hands on a copy:

Step 1: Mailing List

Signing up for the GiReviews mailing list is the only way to get the free eBook. You can sign up for free by entering your name and email below and I will send the book directly into your inbox.

Optional Step 2: Share it!

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Take a second in the comments below and let me know what you think of the new ebook once you’ve had a moment to look at it!

Last but not least…

This eBook has been a ton of awesome work.  Much like one of my favorite people ever, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, I am very sincere about keeping this eBook free forever and you can feel free to email it with friends or share it however you want.  I really hope you enjoy it and if you have any issues downloading or anything, please leave me a message here or e-mail me!

About the Author Brendan

Brendan is the Founder of By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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Giancarlo P. Cavallini says November 9, 2012

Congrats on the finished Ebook! can’t wait to read it!

    Brendan says November 9, 2012

    Thanks so much Giancarlo! Let me know what you think!

Jordan says November 9, 2012

I am only a couple pages in but man this book is well thought out I can tell it took a lot of your time, effort and dedication. The sections are organized in case I want to skip right to a certain topic. It goes in to detail about every little thing that goes in to choosing a gi. Very informative. Definitely sharing this with my buddies who need gi help. Good stuff guys

p.s. thanks Brendan for helping me with my SYR gi sizing at the zero hour. I didnt think i would get a response in that short time span so thank you man. keep up the good work

    Brendan says November 9, 2012

    You got it Jordan! Thanks so much for signing up and reading! If you ever have any questions about gis, you know who to ask 🙂 Thanks again and feel free to share it with everybody!

Dillon Brantner says November 9, 2012

The book is great, it already answered a few questions I’ve been thinking of for a while now. Thanks for making it, it’s awesome!

    Brendan says November 11, 2012

    Thanks so much for the comment Dillon! If you ever have any other questions, just let me know!

JT says November 11, 2012


The Epic Gi Book is pure epicness! Now I just need to increase my gi training sessions, so I have an excuse to buy another gi…

    Brendan says November 11, 2012

    I feel the opposite! I need more nogi so I can buy more spats! 🙂

GiFreak says November 11, 2012

When’s the movie coming out?

    Brendan says November 14, 2012

    Hopefully soon. We’ve got Christopher Nolan on tap to direct 🙂

adrian says November 13, 2012

how to download ? i already suscribed ?? 😮 help pls

    Brendan says November 14, 2012

    hey adrian, check your spam folder to see if it went there. also email me at and let me know if it still hasn’t shown up!

      adrian says November 15, 2012

      thanks brendan, thx for your reply :)!

      i read whole the book without any break.
      awesome shit for a new guy to this buisness.

      now i got 1 more question. i decided to roll with shoyoroll 😀
      but i got problem with my correct size.

      im 198cm 104-106kg / 6″6 – 230lbs~
      i wrote to shoyoroll.. they didnt respond
      i msgd them on fb and got a strange answer:

      hello guys,
      i want to buy my first gi , but im not sure about my size.
      im 6`6 230pounds. for size it would be a5 but for weight a4 sooo… should i buy a4 or a5?

      A3 bud would be your best option or A3slim if your arms are super long.

      Is he kidding me?…. please help..
      and btw i ordered my first gi already. but
      im willing to get 1-2 more…

      shoyoroll black star a4 once put on for 80 euro :D:D:D

      best regards !!

        Brendan says November 15, 2012

        I would either go with the A3slim or the A5 and shrink the heck out of it. The issue is that they don’t make any in-between sizes for your height/weight.

        I’d say grab the a3slim. Worst case scenario, you can always sell it for exactly what you paid for it and not lose anything 🙂

Ian says November 13, 2012

Good book sir! I applaud your effort and I think this is an awesome eBook! Thanks for all your time and effort that you’ve spent on this and I want you to know that I definitely enjoyed looking through and reading your book…and looking at all the pretty pictures. Thanks again!

    Brendan says November 14, 2012

    So glad you enjoyed it Ian!! If you ever have any questions about anything in the book, or anything bjj or gi-related, just let me know!

Marissa says November 14, 2012

I’m not sure how to get the ebook. I’ve been a subscriber but haven’t received it yet. Help?!

    Brendan says November 14, 2012

    Hey Marissa, Check your spam folder and see if its there. I sent it out to everybody on my list last week and if you just signed up, it’ll be in your confirmation email 🙂

Jose says January 7, 2013

how do i get my eBook?

    Brendan says January 7, 2013

    have you signed up for th emailing list, Jose?

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