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Do or Die’s Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Gear bags are more of a luxury than a necessity, but they are something I love having, and once you’ve had a good one, you just can’t go without. Knowing I have my tape, nail clippers, deodorant,  etc etc in one location is a nicety. I pack up my things neatly and go and I’m not carrying nasty, dripping with sweat, Gis in my hands or laying it on my nice clean car seats on the ride home.

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Do or Die’s Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag Review

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag top view


Well designed gear bags are important to me. One of the key features I look for in a BJJ bag is a separate bag or compartment that keeps the funky after class BJJ gear away from the clean inside of the bag.  I’ve seen this done in multiple ways but Do or Die does this in a very clever way that’s new to me and is now my favorite design for a nasty bag.

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag design

Instead of having a bag within a bag that is removable, they offer a bag that is within the bag that comes through the bottom of the back pack. You put your clean clothes in the top of the bag like normal, but after practice you shove those now funky Gis into the bottom of the bag. The bag is basically reversible. Below is a picture of the space on the bottom of the bag where you shove the funky gear after class.

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Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag bottom compartment

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Strap Support

Another important thing to think about is strap support. Some back packs SUCK to carry around if you carry anything heavy in them because they aren’t designed ergonomically correct. No problems here, and that’s important if you want to use the bag for anything else.

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Now, truth be told, I already have a gear bag, the Datsusara Light Gear Bag, which is a great bag in itself. My only current issue with it is that it’s HUGE. I’ve only been taking a Gi and the before mentioned accessories, and it can be a bit cumbersome. So the Do or Die bag has really filled a void for me. (My first world problems void). The picture below shows the main compartment with the funky bag unfilled resting inside of it. It gets mushed nicely to the bottom when not in use.

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag main compartment

It’s tough, it’s got awesome little Do or Die hits throughout the bag, including a velcro “shooter” inspired patch on the bag and does everything I need it to. It even has a compartment for your iPod or phone and a hole for headphones to come out of so you can jog or walk around listening to music without having to take your music player out of the bag. A nice feature for sure.

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag patch

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Bottom Line:

With tons of cool features, compartments and good ergonomics, the Pro Gear Bag from Do or Die is a winner and a must have for people who can afford the cheddar for a $99 bag. I didn’t even notice the hidden compartment (good name for it I ‘spose) until yesterday. Would be a great spot for a laptop or paperwork. (Ha, paperwork).

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From their site:

  • Built with ballistic high impact weather coated nylon to withstand all elements and designed for all gear and travel needs
  • Backside panel cushion support mesh fabric for ventilation and comfort
  • Bottom dirty gear compartment separates dry from wet lined with breathable mesh
  • Hidden back panel laptop compartment isolated from main compartment
  • Removable velcro patch can be replaced with Mil Spec identification
  • Multi gear double zip pull compartments to meet all your travel essentials


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Rod says November 10, 2013

Ended up ordering about 4 seconds after reading the review. Got it this past week and it’s awesome. I’m also waiting for the new datsusara that’s supposed to ship on the 15th, went for the mid-sized bag. Seeing as how I’m a bag and gi freak, your website is gonna end up costing me a lot of money hahahaha. Thanks for the great reviews.

    Dan says December 1, 2013

    That’s awesome Rod. I have a DoorDie and the Datsusara in my arsenal and use both depending on what I’m doing.

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