Is Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi a Royal Flush?

Is Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi a Royal Flush?

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi


A finely enough built Gi with a nice theme, but overpriced for the average Gi buyer. Nothing on the Gi quality wise warrants a $100 price hike over other Gi’s of similar quality however. Unless you are absolutely infatuated with the Diaz brothers, or Lucky Gis in general, this Gi probably isn’t for you. I might not recommend this gi for average consumers based on value and other smaller issues, but if you have money to spend, and find the Lucky appealing to your tastes, it may be worth checking out.

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From the site

Nick and Nate Diaz are two of the worlds most legendary Jiu Jitsu fighters ever. They have made their mark on both the UFC and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As long time sponsored fighters it was only a matter of time till they got their own signature Lucky Gi. This gi is designed with the old school style but with new school construction and style. Designed by both Nate & Nick the gi is very similar to the original Lucky Gis that they loved so much but with their personal style.

The Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi features:

  • 550 Gram Softened Pearl Weave Top
  • Heavy Weight UVA Foam Collar
  • 12oz Bull Denim Pants
  • 12oz Oval Knee Pads
  • Pre Shrunk High Quality Cotton
  • Embroider & Woven Tag Logos
  • Inside Print
  • 2 Draw Strings (Nylon Cord and Cotton Cloth)
  • Travel Gi Bag

Theses gis are made of 100% preshrunk cotton. They are covered by the Lucky Gi 1 year warranty. Price: $249.99

A: 7″

B: 32″

C: 21.5″

D: 24″

E: 23″

F: 13″

G: 9.25″

H: 43.25″

The Top

I’ve said it once already, but I want to re-iterate it here, the Gi has no quality issues construction wise that I’ve come across.Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

The inside of the jacket has the lucky logo and deck of card symbols printed on the inside continuously. It looks great. I really really like inside prints. It definitely adds a little extra pizazz. The Gi does not use contrast stitching except on the collar, where red is used on the white. Some of the stitching on the collar did run off inside the jacket though.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

The placement of the “Lucky” patch on the chest however, looks out of place and reminded me of a car mechanic shirt. It just didn’t seem to flow with the overall concept of the Gi.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

The shoulder embroidery has card symbols on one sleeve and letters on the other side.

There is an Ace emblem on the left sleeve that is not IBJJF legal. It's a patch that is sewn on, so if you wanted to remove it, you could if IBJJF legality is an issue for you.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

Fit wise, the A3 fit me well, albeit it was a bit long in the sleeves for me. The top does have a tailored fit.

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The Pants

The pants are extremely plain. Where the top had a lot going on, the pants are plain city. The pants are all white save for two logos, another cross pattern embroidery on the left leg and a small square patch on the upper thigh.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

The pants come with two types of drawstrings, the traditional twill type and rope draw string. It's a nice little add on to suit everyone's preferences. The belt loop system has only a basic four loops however.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi

Instead of a square reinforcement for the knee, Lucky opted for an oval shape, that unfortunately, did not cover my knee, the top  falls below. That pants were a bit long for me, but I've never had that issue on any pants regardless if they were too long for me.

The pants are made of Bull Denim and are quite tough from my experiences with them.

Diaz Brothers Lucky Gi


The Gi comes with a one year warranty from Lucky, which is a rare oddity with Gi companies. I'm not sure if you will need it or not, as during rolling the Gi didn't seem to stress when I abused it.

The Gi bag is always a nice addition and this one doesn't disappoint for it's Gi carrying purpose. I always wash mine after carrying my Gi because the inside gets covered with whatever was on the outside of my Gi, and the Lucky bag lost a lot of color after the first wash. Obviously not a big deal since it's the Gi bag, but still relative.

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  1. Dan,
    Great review. I have had my eye on a few Lucky Gi’s, but don’t train in the gi enough to justify the purchase.

    Quick question: is it taboo to wear designs with black belts if you don’t have a black belt yourself? (e.g. BJ Penn’s shorts)

    – JT

    • The only time I think it’s cool to wear an article of clothing with a black belt on it displayed on it (like it’s going across you) would be the baby onesy Shoyoroll came out with heh.

      I would think the Penn shorts would be a no-no for a non-black belt IMO.

      Only time I personally feel it’s acceptable is with the black belt ranked rashguards that just look like a black colored design.


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