Daniel Camarillo’s Armhunter Gi: For When You’re Out Hunting for Arms…

Daniel Camarillo’s Armhunter Gi: For When You’re Out Hunting for Arms…


If you don’t know who Daniel Camarillo is, look him up.  One of the most decorated American jiu jitsu competitors around, Camarillo is a legend of the sport.  He recently put out his signature brand Armhunter’s first jiu jitsu gi, check out the review!

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Camarillo Armhunter Gi ReviewI’ve been a fan of Daniel Camarillo for a long time.  His flashy but highly effective game has been a crowd pleaser since the 90s, and he and his brother Dave have done big things in the sports of jiu jitsu and MMA.  When Dan let me know he was sending a gi to review, I was very excited!

This gi features a clean design and fantastic materials.  Also anyone who buys the gi will also be sent Dan Camarillo’s upcoming DVDs including his Judo for Jiu Jitsu DVD and Attacking The Arm.  The gi also comes with a pretty awesome round sticker with the Armhunter logo and brand name.


I’m 6’1, 195.  I generally wear gis in size A2L or A3.  The gi I was sent is an A3 and the fit was extremely baggy fresh out the bag.  I washed and dried the gi on hot about half a dozen times at which point the fit was perfect for me, but make sure if you do decide to get it that you check the sizing.  I would have been much better off with an A2.  After shrinking the gi, I was very happy with the fit.

A:  7gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart

B:  28.75

C:  32.5

D: 21.75

E: 22

F: 11.5

G: 9

H: 40.5


This gi features a rather clean design.  The gi is black with red stitching.

The gi top is made of pearl weave with rip stop covering on the thick lapel, and the pants are made of rip stop.

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There is no branded seam tape, just rip stop which was soft from the first time I wore the gi.

There are two main motifs through and through, the “AR” logo which represents “Armhunter” and the Armhunter brand name in a stylized font.

The gi is visually satisfying and appealing.


The gi top’s fabric is a soft, supple but still light 450 GSM pearl weave.  Over the course of the testing period, with frequent washing and drying for the purpose of shrinking the gi, the gi faded just a bit giving it a very rugged look.

The top has 3 embroideries: the AR logo on each arm and the Armhunter brand name on the bottom left of the back of the skirt.

Dan Camarillo Gi Review (2)

The gi top has all of the standard reinforcements in the armpits and the skirt slits.

The lapel is nice and thick.


The trousers of this gi are a soft light rip stop featuring double material on the knee down to halfway down the shin.

The pants have two patches and one embroidery on them.  One patch runs down the right leg, it bears the Armhunter brand title, the other is on the right thigh with the Armhunter brand title as well as the AR logo, and at the bottom of the left leg is an AR embroidery.

The pants feature a 4 loop closure system with a red stretchy rope.  The knot on the rope came undone initially but I retied it and melted the ends and it has held up fine since.

Rolling Performance

Dan Camarillo Gi Review (1)

Once I had this gi shrunk to size, it performed great.  The soft light fabric was easy to roll in for hours.

The fabric doesn’t stretch and has held up very well throughout many strenuous rolling sessions.  Moreover the thick lapel proved to be easy to strip grips from.

This gi was a delight to roll in.

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Daniel Camarillo Armhunter Gi Review (2)

If you’re as big of a Daniel Camarillo fan boy as I am, this gi is a must have for your collection.  And it’s an awesome gi too, so if you’re looking for an awesome gi that comes with awesome instructional DVD’s by one of the best American black belts, this is a good choice.  Go to www.armhunter.com and pick up one of these bad boys, you won’t be disappointed.

Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of gireviews.net) for review.  I have never done any work with or for Armhunter.

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