Comme Des Grappler

Comme Des Grappler

Normally, we here at don't do full reviews on T-shirts or apparel and get the word out via our other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter/dan_of_earth, Instagram/GiReviews_dan, Vine/danofearth, etc) in regards to things like that. It's hard to come up with enough to say about things as simple as T-shirts. With Comme Des Grappler (CDG) though, I feel it's necessary to give their apparel its full review. The T-shirt designs really were just out of this world and unlike anything we've seen on the BJJ market, very unique. Without further ado…

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“CDG Arabic”

CDG Arabic shirt

My favorite T-Shirt out of the bunch, the “CDG Arabic”, which is inspired by the BJJ scene in “Abu Dhabi”. Its design is something you won't see in BJJ apparel often. I almost feel like this design extends past BJJ. Its beautiful use of colors and pattern is eye catching and the fit of all their t-shirts is superb. I even had to roll in this shirt when I showed up to a NOGI class in my Gi. It handled the abuse quite nicely.

“CDG Original”

CDG Original shirt

Although the “CDG Original” isn't quite as flashy as the Arabic inspired T-shirt we first showed, this subtly designed T-shirt still fits great like all their shirts. It's not all plain Jane either, the text is off to a tilt which does give the T-shirt some pizazz.


CDG X Shirt

Admittedly this is my least favorite out of the bunch in terms of design. It's still a great T-shirt that feels great and doesn't look bad, but compared to the others I am left wanting more. I think the whole “X” logo thing is extremely played out but there is something about theirs that does seem different than other X designs I've seen recently. It looks cleaner, more refined if you will.

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CDG X Shirt patch

CDG X Shirt label

All of the T-shirts we reviewed had this nice logo on the bottom right of the shirt. Not sure why it's backwards on the black shirts, but it looks nice enough and does add a little extra flair to the shirts.


I failed to take a picture of the bags they came in before my wife threw them away *shakes fist at the sky*, but they had the same print as the Arabic shirt and looked snazzy as well. They definitely get an A+ for presentation.

I really love the aesthetic appeal CDG has and what they are going for, I CAN'T WAIT to see what they will come up with next.

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Beyond the T-shirts, CDG and SntmntL Co hooked up to create a really cool double loop bracelet, complete with its own woven bag:

Comme des Grappler woven bag

Comme des Grappler woven bag details

From CDG's site:

It wasn't until a conversation via text that we found ourselves. 

“Fuck. We gotta re-think COMME des GRAPPLER*. When it comes down to it, CDG needs to be about our passion for jiu-jitsu. Not only do we need to distinguish our-selves by the quality and uniqueness of our products, but by our appreciation for the art. CDG’s foundation should be rooted in jiu-jitsu’s purest and simplest form. When you strip us of our medals and belt rank, what’s left? Our desire and passion. That’s it. That’s how we’ll be different.”


We're sorry to say that CDG does not exist anymore. If you have any information on the fate of this company, let us know in the comments below.

We list here T-shirts with similar designs as the ones above from CDG.

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Hayabusa Torii Shirt

Hayabusa Torii Shirt

Storm Roller T-shirt

Storm Roller Tshirt

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