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A Colorful Take On Practical Design: Sleeve & Collar’s Royale Gi


Sleeve & Collar‘s Royale gi is the brand’s deviation from their white and black options, offering their signature simplistic, durable style with a pop of color.

Looking for this Royale Gi? Find them at Sleeve and Collar!
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Jaco Unity Gi Review: Bringing Unity To The Gi Market

Jaco Unity Gi Review


Back when I first started training seriously there were a few old brands that had big name fighters on their sponsorship rosters, one of those brands was Jaco.  Jaco’s aesthetic was always clean and when they stopped putting out products for a while I wondered what had become of them.  Well, Jaco is back and they’ve released a line of gis, I had an opportunity to try one of them.  How did it fair in comparison with other gis on the market?

Find this Unity Gi available at JACO Athletics
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Pakari Manguu Gi Review: A Gi Fit For A Maori Warrior

Pakari Manguu BJJ Gi Review


I had never heard of Pakari before they reached out to Gi Reviews for a review, but upon looking at their website and social media I was pleased to see some really interesting and attractive designs that I found to be very similar to the design points of a the Zuri gi I reviewed a few years back.  How did the Pakari Manguu gi stack up?  Read more to find out!

You can look through this premium gis available at Pakari
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Datsusara Hemp Combat Gi Review: A Dope Gi


Datsusara has been a staple on the gear market for years with their gear bags being hailed by many as a standard of quality.  Their use of hemp fabrics sets them apart from their competition, and they have tied themselves to the sub only movement by sponsoring EBI to bring them a level of exposure and popularity that few companies in our small insular world possess.  They sent over one of their hemp combat gis for review, and we reviewed it over the course of 5 months.  How does it compare to its cotton counterparts?

Click here to check out the hemp gis at Datsusara Hemp Gear
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Vanguard Kimono’s Dark Selvedge Denim Gi: A Denim Fashion Statement On The Mat

Vanguard Kimonos Dark Selvedge Denim Gi Review



A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.

Let’s make a gi.  Out of denim.  Not just any denim, no, let’s make it out of high end Cone Mills selvedge denim and for giggles let’s have it made in Los Angeles, California.  The price tag will be as premium as the gi, but the thing is gonna look and feel magnificent.  Sounds crazy, right?  Vanguard Kimono did this crazy thing with their dark selvedge denim gi, and we got one to review…  Check it out.

Discover this awesome BJJ gis at Vanguard Kimono
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Viking Gear MMA’s Fenrir God Slayer Master: A Gi Fit For Odin

Viking Gear MMA Fenrir God Slayer Master Gi


Carving a niche in the gear market, Viking Gear MMA offers a particular product for a particular kind of customer.  They sent us their Fenrir God Slayer Master gi for review, how did it hold up?  Did it allow me to drink from the skulls of my enemies?  Or are they selling wolf tickets? 

Get Your Own Fenrir God Slayer Master Gi Here
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Macaco Branco Classic Gi: Monkeying Around On The Mat

Macaco Branco Classic Gi Blue Review


Macaco Branco has been around for a while and a back before I even started writing for Gi Reviews Brendan Hufford did a review of one of their gis (  They have an attractive product line, but do they stand out in an ever growing, ever expanding, ever evolving gi market?  Or are they just monkeying around? 

Hit up here for the Macaco Branco classic GI
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Nine Lives BJJ’s Seven Seas Gi: Sailing The Seven Seas in the Cat’s Pajamas

BJJ Nine Lives 7 Seas GI review


As a young gear company, Nine Lives Jiu-Jitsu has their work cut out for them entering a saturated market. We recently had a chance to review their Seven Seas gi to see how they fair against other companies trying to make an impact on the gear market.  Was it smooth sailing?  Or were the seas rough? 

Check Out This Gi Here
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BJJ Globetrotters’ New Travel Gi: New Much of a Good Thing?

BJJ Globetrotter Travel GI 2.0


Back in 2015 we reviewed the BJJ Globetrotters gi, which received our highest praises.  The innovative company has released another iteration of their specialized travel gi and sent us one to compare to the original version.  How does the newer version stack up to the original?

Buy This Gi Here

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Aesthetic’s Alpha Gi: A Top Dog On The Gi Market

Aesthetic's Alpha Gi: A Top Dog On The Gi Market


Known for their creative use of stitching and interesting designs, Aesthetic has been around for quite a while.  They recently opened up shop in the USA and they sent over one of their new Alpha gis for us to test.  How did it stack up to other gis on the market?  Check it out…

Browse through your favorite BJJ gis at Hypnotik

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