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Bull Terrier Silverline Gi Reviews

Bull Terrier Silverline Gi

Bull Terrier Silverline Gi Reviews

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bull terrier silverline

The Bull Terrier Silverline gi

The Bull Terrier Silverline gi is the new single weave lightweight gi from Bull Terrier. It’s probably the least bling gi you’ll ever see from Bull Terrier.  It still provides the exact same quality and cut, but will appeal to those of you who prefer a much more low-key brand.  Also, unlike previous releases that carry a large price tag, the Silverline is much more reasonably priced (~$160USD at time of writing).

The weight of the gi varies between 3lbs (1.35kg) for an A0 and 4.25lbs (1.94kg) for an A4

A0 = 4.593 ft-5.085 ft/140-155cm ~121.3lb/55kg

A1 = 5.249 ft-5.577ft/160-170cm 110.2 lb- 143.3lb /50-65Kg

A2 = 5.512 ft-5.84ft / 168-178cm 138.9 lb-172 lb / 63-78Kg

A3 = 5.741 ft-6.07 ft / 175-185cm 172 lb-209.4 lb / 78-95Kg

A4 = 5.906 ft-6.234 ft/180-190cm 209.4 lb-242.5 lb/90-110Kg

Where to buy (be sure to compare prices!)

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Bull Terrier Silverline Gi Images:

bull terrier silverline

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