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Black Eagle Predator Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Black Eagle Predator Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

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Predator is an English brand who is under the umbrella of Black Eagle Fight Company.

Their owner, Steve Turner, is really awesome and somebody whom we have dealt with personally.  He is very accessible via Facebook and their brand is storming onto the scene.

They have an awesome line of spats, rashguards, shorts, and some really cool, embroidered, brazilian jiu jitsu gis.

The Black Eagle Predator is a pretty solid Pearl Weave that offers contrast stitching and some top notch embroidery and is a great overall training and competition gi.

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My dog was very excited about this gi.


Even my dog was pretty excited to get this gi in the mail!  My first impressions of the gi were that the gold stitching on the jacket is amazing.  I'm a huge fan of flashy gis and this gi was the perfect compromise to being flashy without having crazy patches everywhere.

Black Eagle Predator Video Review


The gi first me really well.  I fit perfectly in A3s and the Black Eagle Predator is no different. You can see in the video above that when I pull the skirt straight across, it fits me a little weird in the chest, but if I left the skirt go how it wants (which is fine with me), then it fits just fine.

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I love the design of the Black Eagle Predator gi.  They did some cool contrast stitching on the pants, but kept the jacket looking SUPER-clean.  I keep saying it over and over, but the embroidery is really well done and they even offer custom embroidery for a nominal fee.  I'd love to buy another Black Eagle Predator and have my name put on it ala Oliver Geddes.

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The Black Eagle Predator jacket is all one piece in the back, but that has really become standard lately.  The pearl weave in the jacket doesn't stretch out and even though I totally forgot to do any type of vinegar soak or color-protection, the embroidery and the dark black color have stayed.

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Trousers: The trousers offer 6 belt loops, which is pretty cool.  In the past, I have only ever had two belt loops, but the 6 really keep your pants from becoming untied and falling down.  Even though you can't see it when the gi jacket is being worn, I like the contrast fabric of the belt loops.  The length is great for me and I feel like I have a fair amount of mobility in them.

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Rolling Performance

Rolling in the Black Eagle Predator was great.  The lapel is a bit thin for my taste, but as you can tell from my personal reviews, I prefer a gold weave with a thicker lapel.  It was really light and I felt fast in the gi, but I also liked that it stayed put and I didn't feel any restriction in my hips and shoulders.


Overall I like this gi.  Black Eagle has done a great job making a gi that appeals to those who enjoy flashy gis, but also like things a bit understated in terms of patches.  In terms of shrinkage, I didn't experience any.  I always wash my gis in the coldest setting possible and hang dry them (ALWAYS) and I have only ever shrunk one gi beyond fitting properly (because I put my Fuji in the dryer so I wouldn't be late to practice).

Black Eagle Predator Gi Review (3)
My dog LOVES this gi…

I would definitely consider buying another Black Eagle Predator in the future if I was in need of a pearl weave for competition (since I prefer a heavier gi for training).

Where to Purchase

Update (Jan 5, 2017): Black Eagle seems to have ceased producing BJJ gis. Amazon currently lists the Predator gi as unavailable but try and visit the page once in a while, who knows it may yet again be in stock.

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  1. I am now the owner of the gi reviewed in the article. It is an excellent gi, and like all Black Eagles it won’t shrink (mercerized). My only complaint is the drawstring is about 2 inches too short.


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