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BJJ Style vs. Gracie Mag vs. JJ Mag: BATTLE TO THE DEATH!


A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Seymour (aka Meerkatsu), about the best BJJ magazines.  We debated back and forth about what to look for in a BJJ magazine.



Feature stories?


Page count?

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I believe that every single one of these things matters and it’s with this in mind that I present to you:

BJJ Style vs. Gracie Mag vs. JJ Mag


Gracie Magazine


First up is Gracie Magazine issue #179 from March 2012

Here are some highlights:

Total Pages: 92

Top Features: Fundamentals of BJJ, Gracie Diet, Terere

Contest: 0

Technique: 8


Strength & Conditioning: 2 (including 1 advertisement)

Supplements: 2 advertisements

Ads: 45

gracie-mag-adsWith 49% of the magazine being advertisements, it was difficult to get through it all.  As a teacher, I was also really let down by the cover story.  I thought they would really delve into some serious pedagogical inquiry, but while a decent guide to teaching, it seemed like something that every 1st or 2nd year instructor would know.

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Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine


Next up is JJ Style Magazine from the UK.  Below are thoughts on issue #7 from March/April 2012.

Here are some highlights:

Total pages: 88

Top Features: Roberto Satoshi Souza, Roger Gracie and Mauricio Gomes

Contest: 1

Technique: 14

Strength & Conditioning: 2

Supplements: 1 advertisement

Ads: 20 (4 tournaments, 1 supplement, 15 BJJ)


With only  22% of the magazine being advertisements, the content was easy to enjoy.  What I found hilarious was that 16% of the magazines pages featured Roger Gracie.  I can understand as he was a guest editor of the issue and also the topic of the main feature.


A very intimidating gentleman in a BJJ Style Advertisement

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Jiu Jitsu Magazine

Finally, we come to Jiu Jitsu Magazine.

jjm-inside-coverHere are some highlights:

Total Pages: 100

Top Features: Skin infections, Jeff Glover Deep Half Guard, Joao Silva footlocks and Kimura

Contest: 1

jjm-techniqueTechnique: 30

Strength & Conditioning:4

Supplements: 4 (2 were advertisements)

Ads: 25-32

Jiu Jitsu Magazine had 25%-32% of its content as advertisements.  There were 25 pages of straight advertisements, and then another 7 pages of “articles” about items that were advertised elsewhere in the magazine.  EPIC amount of techniques and great coverage of strength and conditioning.

jjm-inside-cover-zoomProbably my favorite part of the magazine was a really cool image they put together that showed on what pages you can find the cover stories.  I hate having to search for the cover story that made me buy the article.  Great work JJM!

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Summary Thoughts

Longest issue: Jiu Jitsu Magazine @ 100 pages

Longest features: Jiu Jitsu Style

Most advertisements: Gracie Magazine @ 49% of the entire amgazine

Most techniques: Jiu Jitsu Magazinebjj-style-contest

Most contests: Jiu Jitsu Style and Jiu Jitsu Magazine @ 1 each.

Most reachable via social media: Jiu Jitsu Style

Hopefully, you find this guide to be helpful in choosing a BJJ magazine to check out in the future! 


If it was, leave a comment below!

Also, if I left any magazines out and you’d like your favorite to be featured here, please let me know!

About the Author Brendan

Brendan is the Founder of By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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Matt says October 1, 2012

What about BJJ Legends? It’s the only one that includes an instructional DVD and an electronic copy for Ipad, smart phones, etc…

patricia says October 2, 2012

what about jits. magazine? it’s a pretty good read.

    Brendan says October 2, 2012

    I’ve never had a chance to read it, but I love their online content, Patricia!

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