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BJJ Gi Patch Feature: Patches O’Toole

BJJ Gi Patch Feature: Patches O'Toole

Patches O'Toole BJJ Gi Patch Feature

Patches O'Toole is a pretty cool BJJ gi patch company out of Australia.  I love the typography on them as well as the illustrations.

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patches otoole patch review 5

The patches that I received were very well designed and extremely high quality and held up really well on my gis during training.  If you've read any of my gi reviews, you know that I love a company that stands by their products.

patches otoole patch review 6

By offering free shipping on all patch orders and a 3-year warranty, Patches O'Toole sets themselves apart by taking care of their customers.  Even if your patches get beat up in training, they'll be happy to send you some new ones!

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patches otoole patch review 3

I think gi patches are a great way to express yourself on the mat and I love patching out all of my gis that are reviewed that aren't sold to benefit Tap Cancer Out.  I passed on one of their patch designs because I felt that it would alienate some of the women that I train with and not represent me well, but I got a LOT of compliments on the Day of the Dead and Old Warhorse patches!

patches otoole patch review 7

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You can check out all of Patches O'Toole's products here!

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1 comment
Ben says February 19, 2014

I’m really happy to hear these are holding up. I look forward to seeing them in person. I really like that Day of the Dead patch!
Thanks for pointing out the warranty on the patches. I didn’t notice that when I checked out their page. That’s awesome!

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