2017 BJJ Father’s Day Gift Guide

2017 BJJ Father’s Day Gift Guide

2017 BJJ Father's Day Gift Guide

Let's be honest.

If you're like me, your wife and kids love you, but they have no idea what to get you related to BJJ.  You'll end up with some wrong-size spats or something.

Which is totally fine.

No, it is.

I weigh 230lbs. and wanted the new Scramble spats in a size small.

They fit perfect.

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But if you're shopping for the dad in your life, or for yourself, here's a rad breakdown of some of the things I want for Father's Day this year.

So I'm making this list for you, but really for myself.

(Liz, if you're reading this, I love you).

Here are 3 quick picks for Father's Day :



Much like the two brands that follow on this list,  just check your closet and make sure you don't buy a double, because this stuff is so awesome, there's a good chance that I (or the father you're shopping for) already owns some of it.

From the Standard Semi Custom gi, to spats, to rashguards and AWESOME tank tops, Scramble is probably my top pick for Father's Day this year.

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Do or Die

do or die hyperfly gi review

Do or Die has always struck me as the Nike of BJJ gear.  Very clean branding and very specific styling.  I've always felt like a professional in their gear.  Definitely worth having a look at, especially the track jacket that's on sale now.


Click here to check out the latest gear at Do or Die

Newaza Apparel


Just buy all of it. I don't even care.  There is literally nothing form them that I don't want

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My other Top Picks For Father's Day 2016:

War Tribe Helium Gi in Green

Fusion FG ‘Army of Darkness' Rashguard (if you rock this at class, we just became best friends)

Yolo BJJ Scuba and BJJ Getaway Vacation of Awesomeness (Secretly the BEST thing on this list)

The World Player Tee from Lazy Lover


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