Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2018


I might be a bit crazy in saying this, but I think the new Scramble Standard Issue gi is the best budget gi you can get this year.

For $90 shipped, you get an incredible ‘basic' gi and all of the patches to make it into the fully blinged out ‘Nascar status' gi you know I love.

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Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2017

Here's a few more details on Scramble's new ‘Standard Issue' gi:

  • Undecorated save for two branded SK tags, the Standard Issue Semi Custom comes with eight woven patches for you to decorate the gi as you see fit.
  • Patches can be ironed on however it is recommended to sew.
  • 450GSM pearl weave top
  • 230gsm cotton ripstop pants
  • Very high quality finish

Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2017

And, speaking of patches, perhaps you'd like to know how to easily remove it if you've gone too far or have gotten tired of looking at it?

Check out all the details at Amazon

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Plus check out this interview of Scramble's Matt Benyon! Enjoy!


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