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Gi Reviews: Women’s War Tribe Gi + Fiercely Feminine Gi

Women's War Tribe Gi + Fiercely Feminine Gi review

by Sally Arsenault

Hey everybody, my name is Sally Arsenault and I’m a brown belt out of Renzo Gracie Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. You may have seen some of my other reviews on Breaking Muscle or, but if not, check them out. We’ve done a lot of great reviews on womens jiu jitsu gis and other gear.

In preparation for this guest review for, I received three of the women’s War Tribe gis for review right before I left for Masters Worlds in September. Unfortunately I was injured at the tournament and still haven’t been able to roll in them two months later! Regardless, I wanted to share this preview with  you so you can at least see all of the thought and detail that was put into the construction of these beautiful gis.

War Tribe Gear has had me excited from the very beginning due to their vibrant, yet simple, gi designs. They have released a line of gis designed specifically for women’s bodies and after wearing the gis for months, I can attest to the fact that they have succeeded in producing a comfortable, high-quality product that stands up to the toughest rolls.

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