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Gi Review: Lanky FG – Are You Lanky? Here’s A Great Gi for the Tall and Slender!

Lanky Fight Gear BJJ Gi Review


The Lanky FG Pro 550 V1 is the first Gi offered by Lanky Fight Gear. This company specializes in Gis for lanky fighters and thus offers much sought after “L” sizes. If you are a longer, leaner BJJ player this high quality gi is a great option!

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Gi Review: Valor Carioca BJJ Gi – Dominating the Basics

Gi Review: Valor Carioca BJJ Gi


The Valor Carioca premium gi impressed me in many ways. At first glance, the gi seemed like a pretty straightforward and basic gi, nothing to dislike, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, it exceeded all of my expectations.

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