Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

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Atama Single Weave Gi Review

Gi Review: Atama Single Weave

The Atama Single Weave

Atama Single Weave gis are the industry standard for a single weave gi.  In fact, my first BJJ gi was an Atama single weave.  They provide a good balance between being lightweight, but also being mobile and fast-drying.  The gi is great for training in warm weather or in a gym where the heat is always on high (like mine).  They are also more duable than the lightweight gis on the market.

The body of the gi is slightly tapered and while the top is 100% cotton, the pants are a cotton-poly blend.  There is no belt included when you buy the Atama Single Weave gi, so be aware.

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Gi Review: Atama Single Weave

Additional Information

  • This BJJ kimono is lightweight but still very strong
  • It's great for hot weather training
  • This gi is durable enough for competing in, or just wearing at the gym to train in
  • The tapered sleeves and body of this BJJ gi make it tougher for your opponent to grab. Plenty of extra space in the shoulders so as not to restrict your mobility at all
  • 100% cotton, and made in Brazil
  • Comes with embroidered Atama Jiu Jitsu logo on both sleeves
  • The pants are reinforced around the knee so that they don't wear out, and also provide extra protection
  • Belt not included

Size Chart

Size – Height – Weight

A1 – 5'3 to 5'7 – 110 to 145
A2 – 5'6 to 5'11 – 145 to 175
A3 – 5'9 to 6'1 – 175 to 210
A4 – 6'2 to 6'5 – 210 to 255
A5 – 6'0 to 6'6 – 255 to 305
A6 – 6'4+ – 305+


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