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Albino & Preto Gi Review

Gi Review: Albino & PretoAlbino & Preto Bio

The Albino & Preto brand is currently being headed up by Bear from Shoyoroll.  Their first gi, given the picture below, appears to be a white gi (they’ve also added a black gi) with a green contrast similar to the original Lucky gis and the Subculture Wasabi.

Many have speculated that Albino & Preto will be producing gis in a similar method to SYR, but nothing has been confirmed.  As more information comes out, this page will be updated!

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Gi Review: Albino & Preto

User Review

via Bear (aka The Man)

A&P Prototypes sampling now. Let some of worlds champs train and beat these up a bit. Then finalize design. Coming soon guys!!

Gi Review: Albino & Preto

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Most gis released by Albino and Preto easily get sold out so make sure to check their website constantly.

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rollindabay says February 10, 2012

Lookin’ tight!!! I hope these wont be the typical shyoroll sale options will it?

    Brendan says February 10, 2012

    Maybe for this first group, but I think they have a big order as well and it might be a different business model than SYR.

J says April 13, 2012

A few guys/girls (and kids) from my gym have been wearing these, they look really nice and similar to syr design standards. fyi SYR tweeted that they will be on sale starting monday (4-16), i would love to read a review since Im gonna be saving my cash for the ring and riokoi

    J says April 13, 2012

    ps you might want to register at the albino and preto website to be on the mailing list

      Brendan says April 14, 2012

      tried to but the site won’t load. maybe it’s the computer I’m using.

    Brendan says April 14, 2012

    I heard they’re very different from most of the SYR gis so I’m interested to see them as well.

      J says April 17, 2012

      So apparently they are going to drop tomorrow at 9pm pst on the shoyoroll website anyone is if interested in buying the first public sale A&P gi. Don’t think the A&P site is up, looks like its just a mailing list for now

        Brendan says April 17, 2012

        I saw this too, but we haven’t heard anything about these gis. I’ve been asking everybody that I could find that has one and haven’t been able to get any concrete details whatsoever except that they’re a bit different from SYR.

lester blandino says July 21, 2012

hey brandan , considering the quality of the gi .. i have an A1 and willing to sell , only used 2 times .. how much do you think i can make out of it ? or ask for it ? thanks 🙂

    Brendan says July 21, 2012

    Wish it was an A3 and I’d take it off your hands haha. No idea. Right now on ebay they seem to be 200-300, but once they come out with more, the price will probably drop.

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