5 reasons why I started the GiReviews Podcast

5 reasons why I started the GiReviews Podcast

GiReviews PodcastI've gotten a lot of questions in the last few days about why I've decided to start a podcast.  Especially when everything that I might talk about is either on this site, or in the eBook you get from signing up for the mailing list.

There are essentially 5 reasons that I think it's important to produce a podcast, in addition to the content here on the website:

1. Reach

The stated goal of GiReviews.Net is to help as many people as possible with buying, using, and maintaining their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis.

A podcast will help me reach, and help, an even wider audience with the added exposure on a new medium.Gi-reviews-episode-1-coming-soon

2. Convenience

fijiA podcast is vastly more consumable than a website, especially given the time and place.  Now you can enjoy new content when you are driving, travelling, resurfacing your driveway, taking your private jet to Fiji, etc.

There are just times when reading the site isn't very convenient and this will be a great alternative.

3. Interviews

One of the best interviews I've ever heard was Joe Rogan's podcast with Tim Ferriss.  It was roughly 150 minutes long.

Can you imagine trying to read the transcript from that?  It would be BRUTAL.  I think interviews in audio are WAY better than video.

I already have a lot of guests lined up for the show and I can't wait to get them on here!!!

4. More Interviews

finger-pointingSure, interviews with big names in the business and in BJJ are great, but now I can give back even more to my readers.  A few weeks ago I sent out an email about this podcast and not only did you help me create the tagline for the show, but you gave me the idea to interview the most important person in the GiReviews community: YOU!

You leave a lot of great comments on every single post and I think a lot of the discussions that go on here would be great for the podcast.

5. Challenge

I don't think you training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or any type of grappling sport, without enjoying being challenged.  Starting a new venture, on top of all of the other work on the site, social media, email, etc. is quite a task.  It's a challenege of learning all the new technology, paying for all the new technology, and finding the time to write, create, produce and coordinate content.

But I'm up for it. And I'm sure you are too!

And, to be frank, I'm freaking pumped about it.  Pumpitude is officially off the charts.

I sincerely hope this list has given you a bit more insight into why I've been so gung-ho about the new podcast.  And I hope that it's made you at least half as excited as it's made me!


    • Ask Dan. It’s not that impressive. Be prepared to hear me say ‘uhm’ constantly. I guess if I could make a #6:

      6. Self Improvement
      I am a teacher by trade and have a LOT of confidence speaking in front of large groups and being prepared. But interviews and podcasts can, by nature, be unpredictable. I tend to make overuse of filler words, like uhm, instead of just being silent when I’m thinking. I think doing the podcast will help me to vastly improve an area of communication that I am lacking in!

      • Not that you would have cause to, but it’s important you never interview me. Between the two of us, there will be no content, save for “ums” and “yeah, sos”.

  1. I don’t know Brendan, your voice has a soothing and inspiring tone to it. I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, call me maybe?


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