Making a Splash: 5 Brands to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Making a Splash: 5 Brands to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Making a Splash 5 Brands to Keep an eye on in 2017

We published this post back in 2012 and, five years later, we're updating it to become more relevant with the times.

Many gi companies have come and gone (in fact, some gis that have been featured and reviewed here may no longer be around) while some have stayed along for the ride. Keeping up with who are still around, who have closed shop and who are starting out every single day is still huge work and, surprisingly, still impossible for us to keep up.

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If you still do some BJJ training or are planning to start out this year, here are a few of the big brands that we believe is worth keeping an eye on. We've also added some of their best (and some of our favorites) from these different brands:


1. Gameness

They may have been in the BJJ gi industry for the last 15 years but it seems that they are not slowing down anytime soon. Aside from creating among the best gis used in both training and tournaments, Gameness is also known for its quick and very helpful customer service that always put their customers first. They have also been receiving awards left and right which is why they are worthy of being added in the list.

Recommended gis:

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2. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is actually a Japanese word for the Peregrine Falcon. This falcon is a predator best known for its power, speed and strength — the very same attributes that are possessed by the combat athletes that make use of their products. Although the brand is mostly known for its MMA apparel, they also make the best BJJ gis which is why they are still worth watching out this 2017.

Recommended gis:

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3. Scramble

Scramble flew out of the gates at the end of 2011 with the 1chiban gi.  The fact that they did a fast return time on their first pre-order gi, coupled with their dedication to carrying a regular line of gis in-stock makes them a strong brand.  Also add in their incredibly creative and innovative shorts, rashguards and spats (our favorite are the Aoki spats), and they are definitely poised for success in 2012 — and still continue to reap success until 2017.

Best gis:

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Tatami Fightwear

4. Tatami Fightwear

In 2011, Tatami took an already superb line, which included their Estilo and Zero G gis, and added a bunch of very flashy items including the Terere gi (which we'll be reviewing soon!), the Pin Up gi, and the Honey Badger Rashguard! Six years later and the brand still continues to produce among the best gis in the world.

Best gis:

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5. Fuji

Fuji is a brand with a lot of history and tradition up its sleeve. In fact, it has been producing among the best BJJ gis for the past 50 years. They are still trusted up to this day that many well-known professional fighters around the world use their gis for both training and competition.

Recommended gis:

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Brands we've featured in the past:

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  1. Hi, exciting times in the BJJ Gi world with the brands you have covered in your article. In addition to these, two brands I think are important to watch in 2012 are K2 Fight Gear and Submission Sniper. K2 have been developing their second gi, based on the build quality of their current gi, I am looking forward to the new one. Submission Sniper have created the Avenger Gi and the Brazil Gi, both unique in the market, so who knows what they will create next.

    Thanks for all your hard work on the reviews, it is much appreciated.



    • Very interesting. One of my buddies has some submission sniper patches which he bought a few years back in Ohio (as he was a sniper in the army). I like that they’re taking some risks and doing themed gis. I’d really like to get a review from them here on the site! K2 looks simple, but solid. We’ll look into them as well!

    • When they announced their GUMA membership at the end of 2011, they announced all of those gis (I think I linked to it above). I was just talking to Bear the other day and they look like they actually may get 10-12 gis out this year. They started slow, but seem to really be ramping it up as we get closer to 2013.

      That said, anything can happen so at the time of me writing this, they’ve come out with the Ring, Rio Koi, 1751, Comp Lite, and UniBlue. I know of 5 others coming out but we can’t talk about those just yet =o)


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