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41 BJJ Brands, People, and Athletes that you MUST follow on Twitter!

41 BJJ Brands, People, and Athletes that you MUST follow on Twitter!

41 BJJ Brands, People, and Athletes on twitter

C'mon. Be honest with yourself.  You know you're sick of reading about how your friend's cat just took a bath, or how Kim Kardashian just flew to someplace you'll never go for the 3,206,792nd time.

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It's about time you injected your Twitter feed with some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  We suggest by starting with these folks:

Deus Fight  @deusfight

War Tribe @wartribegear

Armadura Jiu Jitsu @ArmaduraJJ

BJJHQ @bjjhq – Daily deals from one of the coolest sites out there.  I *still* look forward to getting their emails in my inbox!

Marcelo Garcia@marcelogarciajj – Awesome updates from one of the best grapplers on the planet. As well as news about

Hywel Teague ‏ @hywelteague – Amazing BJJ artist, filmographer, and generally interesting guy

BJJ Weekly ‏ @bjjweekly – Weekly BJJ newsletter. Very active on social media.

BJJ Hacks@bjjhacks – Some of the highest quality BJJ videos on the web.

Real Rio Show@RealRioShow – Awesome interweb show of what it's like to live and train BJJ in Rio

DO OR DIE LLC.@DOorDIE – Fairly new and upcoming BJJ Gi Brand

DSTRYR/SG   @DSTRYRsg – the best of BJJ on the web, with hilarious commentary

Budo Jake@budojake – Co-Creator of Budovideos.  Always has very interesting updates and pictures.

Strike Fightwear@Strikefightwear – BJJ Gi Brand currently working on the very impressive ‘Roots' gi.

Real Kimonos@ReonoalKims – A BJJ gi for $65? No way? Way!

Budo Videos@budovideos – Amazing event coverage, plus all of the BJJ gis and Dvds you could ever want.

Seymour Yang@Meerkatsu – BJJ artist, photographer, and blogger.  Nice chap. Total honey badger, though.

Fushida Sports Corp,@FushidaSports – creators of one of the top rated gis of 2011. – tournament coverage, news, videos, etc.  Had GREAT coverage of the 2012 pan-ams.

Connection Rio@ConnectionRio – Amazing resource for anybody ever looking to live and train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ronin Brand Gis@RoninBrandGis – Really high quality BJJ and Judo gis at reasonable prices.

gawakoto clothing@gawakoto – incredible designs, fantastic t-shirts.

ƑighterStyle ‏ @Fighter_Style – clothing and lifestyle trends

Submission Sniper ‏ @submsniper – very creative BJJ Gi Company

William Wayland@WSWayland – awesome strength and conditioning coach (has put together awesome programs for BJJ players)

Budo Dane ‏ @promised_future – writer for Budovideos.  Generally hilarious.

SmallAxeBJJ@SmallAxeBJJ – Tim Sledd is Atos JJ's first American affiliate.

GiFreak ‏ @GiFreak – very cool upcoming site about BJJ apparel.

moyabrand@MoyaBrand – BJJ Gi Company. Sponsor of Bill ‘The Grill' Cooper.

Miitsu Mitama ‏ @MiitsuMitama  – CEO of Hakai Kimonos

shoyoroll@shoyorollbrand  – BJJ Gi company; creators of the Guma Membership

K2 Fight Gear @K2FIGHTGEAR – BJJ Gi Company

BJJ Over 40@bjjover40 – The best online resource for BJJ players in their 4th decade.

JiuJitsuProGear@JJProGear – one of the first American Fight Shops

ZOMBIE KIMONOS@ZOMBIEKIMONOS – very responsive, upcoming BJJ Gi Company

Shodan Kimonos ‏ @ShodanKimonos – BJJ Gi Company

CTRL Industries@CTRLindustries – Very cool BJJ gi company.  Rook gi review coming soon!

Jon Thomas@TapCancerOut – The best BJJ charity that you can support.  Please check them out if you get a chance.

Jits Magazine@JITSmag – put out that Rodolfo documentary

Scramble スクランブル@Scramble_  – makers of the 1chiban, currently developing an even more awesomer gi

Manto Clothing Co@MantoFight – BJJ / MMA gear company.

Jason Scully@Jason_Scully – Owner of the Grappler's Guide; puts a TON of free, awesome, content on the web

/r/bjj@reddit_bjj – Keep updated on a very cool BJJ forum

GiReviews.Net   @gireviews – Just sayin' =o)

We know that we missed some.  Post them up on the comments below so we can add them to our list!



  1. @blackbeltbalm – we’re a brand new company helping bjj players choke out aches and pains with a new herbal sports balm – just getting our feet wet – and thanks for the great list

  2. Don’t forget @chilidavis65 (though I don’t tweet much)! Thanks for putting this together. I followed them all. Gotsta support my BJJ brethren.


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