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2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition

2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition


It's about that time of year again to start buying over-sized pajamas for our loved-ones, or just start tagging our loved ones in photos of BJJ gis on Facebook so they know what to buy us.

Or maybe that's just me…

So just to save you all some trouble, feel free to forward this guide on to all of your loved ones so they know what to get you.

Did I miss one of your favorite gis in this list? Let me know in the comments section below!

scramble athlete bjj gi review header

Scramble Athlete

The Scramble Athlete was definitely one of my favorite gis of the year and I highly recommend picking one up for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season.  The clean design coupled with a brilliant competition fit make this a top choice for the holiday shopping season.

Review: Scramble Athlete gi review

To Purchase: Scramble UKScramble USAMMA Warehouse


Ok! Kimonos Lightweight Gis

Designed in 1984, by Johnny Lawrence the day after losing the All Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament.  Each gi is made from a proprietary blend of Falkor' fur, Bill S. Preston's guitar strings, and loose threads from Maverick's flight jacket.

Bruce Willis personally berates each gi prior to packaging.

Review: Ok Kimonos Gi Review

To Purchase: (use code ‘gireviews' to save 10% off your purchase)


ctrl industries ipanema santaCTRL Industries Ipanema Gi

The Ctrl Industries Ipanema gi is a fantastic mid-range gi for training and for competition.  I've personally patched mine all the way out and wear it as often as possible (in rotation with the first two gis on this list).  I love the mix of yellows and greens on the gi and I'm always a fan of the ‘hard to grip' ripstop pants that Ctrl uses.

Review: CTRL Industries Ipanema Gi Review

To Purchase: Ctrl Industries

Fuji BJJ Gisfuji bjj gi

Additionally, the Fuji single weave gis remain the best bang for your buck in the market.  If you’re shopping on a budget or grabbing your first gi, the Fuji really needs to be it!

To Purchase:  MMA Warehouse.


Are there any other awesome gis that I missed in the 2013 BJJ Gi Gift Guide?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you already have everything on this list, check out our BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition from 2012!


  1. X-Guard series VI: Recon. Such a beautiful, lightweight gi and the gray color really makes it pop. It’s got a slimmer fit than their past series and is really high quality at a competitive price point.

    Also surprised Origin didn’t make it to the list, since they’re the first company to make their gis in the USA, the owner oversees every batch and they have that innovative belt clasp. Haven’t rolled in it, but I expect it to be copied in the marketplace.


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