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2012: Best of the Year Awards!

2012: Best of the Year Awards!


One more year down and thousands of new Gi products released! That means, it's time for our 2012 Best of the Year Awards!

Firstly, we must thank all of our fans and our awesome community who supports us! Without all of you we wouldn't be able to continue with our passion that is GiReviews!

Without further ado!

best of 2012

The Best BJJ Gi of 2012…..

Obviously we couldn't just randomly pick a best overall gi for the year, so we'll break it down by category:

Best high-end gi ($200+)


Muaewear Oniwakamaru Review


Scramble ‘Wave' Review

Best mid-range gi ($100-200)

Inverted Gear

Inverted Panda Gi Review


Omega Maniac Shaka Review

Best budget gi (<$100)

fuji bjj gi

Fuji Single Weave –  MMA Warehouse

tatami fightwear
Tatami Nova Basic

The Best New Gi Company (A tie!):


DoOrDie (Do or Die Hyperfly Gi Review)


omega maniac titan 2 gi hat

Omega Maniac (Omega Maniac Titan Gi Review)


The Best Gi Innovation:

ezekiel-kimonos-Felt Sleeve

 Soft felt sleeve lining by Ezekiel Kimonos (Ezekiel Kimonos Review)


The Best BJJ Show:

BJJ Hacks consistently releases some of my favorite videos of exceptional high quality. Boooooa!  Here are a few of my favorites:


The Best Gi Review (Not by us of course!):

meerkatsu gawakoto save the earth

Meerkatsu's – Gawatoko Save the Earth Gi Review – It has a frickin' Death Star on the poster and Seymour is shooting laser beams out his eyes. Nuff' said.


The Best Signature Gi:


Bill Cooper Signature gi by Moya Brand – The Grill is one of my favorite personalities in BJJ and Moya Brand makes an amazing gi.  We liked it so much we even gave one away!

The Best Company Owners (We love pretty much everyone):


The Best Gear Bag:LGB_1_grande

Datsusara Light Gear Bag, Datsusara takes this award two years in a row, even more spacious than the Light Battlepack, the LGB fits everything at a stellar price and it's made of Hemp! Click here to check out our review.

The Best DVD Instructional:


Caio Terra's Modern Jiu Jitsu, this set seriously set a new bar in BJJ Instructionals, no one has come close since!

Also, click here to check out Caio's Dvds.


The Best BJJ Blog:


DSTRYRsg Mexican wrestlers and other hilarity.   I can't get enough!

Side note:  Do I really think Gabi [Garcia]'s pretty hot?  Hells yeah. And, you should too.  Coward. – Dstryr (Also of note, Dan, cowardly, disagrees.)


The Best Fightwear Design (not a Gi):


Scramble Urban Camo Spats


Tshirt Roundup 004

Strike Fightwear SF Hoodie  in Grey

Tshirt Roundup 003

The Best Gear Contest:

syr contest 121212

The one where we gave away a SYR gi of a person's choice… ha! -Dan


The Most Inventive Marketing Scheme:

Mata Leon Kimonos Commercial,  beating the buzzer by days, Mata Leon came out of nowhere with this video, which has reached 300,000 views at the time I am writing this.


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