Shoyoroll 1751 Gi Preview (Shoyoroll Guma Reserve Members Only Gi)

Shoyoroll 1751 Gi Preview (Shoyoroll Guma Reserve Members Only Gi)

Gi Review: Shoyoroll 1751

My rating of the GUMA Membership from Shoyoroll just went from a 7/10 to an 11/10.  Let me show you why:

Gi Review: Shoyoroll 1751

The Shoyoroll 1751 gi is going to be the most limited gi that Shoyoroll has made since the Yin and the Yang (<200 pieces).  The Jacket will be 450gram pearl weave and the pants will be 10oz. cotton.  So the top seems to be pretty standard for SYR's pearl weaves and the pants will be a bit lighter than the Shoyoroll Americana and Shoyoroll Compadre pants.

So you may ask, Why are you so excited over a white gi with blue (and grey, according to SYR) contrast stitching?

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1. I like the logo under the ribcage of the gi.  I also like having a LOT of patches and the more bling on the gi, to me, the better.  I saw that the new SYR kids gi had this as well and definitely like it.  I'll be interested to see if it is a patch or embroidery.  If its embroidery, that's a heck of a lot of work.  But it would really take the quality of the gi up a notch (and probably the wait time too because embroidery is not cheap, or fast).

2. What else could I expect from the gi?  It's a gi.  SYR also mentioned hand numbered gi bags and a bunch of hidden prints not seen on the mock up.  I really hope they hand number the gis in some way or put a cool quote on the inside of the lapel ala the Fifty/50 gi:

SYR Fifty/50 gi
SYR Fifty/50 gi

3. In my internal timeline, I didn't expect to see a mock up until mid-late February.  So this is well ahead of schedule.

4. Personally, I would have preferred heavier pants.  I know a lot of people have had their Shoyoroll pants rip in the past and I'm hoping that Shoyoroll have fixed whatever issues were causing this to happen.  That said, I'm sure if a bunch of the members-only gi pants were to rip, they'd honor the risk people took with the program and get them new pants.

I am positive that Shoyoroll is going to come out of the gates a bit slow with the Guma Membership stuff, but I can still see them earning a victory by years end.

If you bought the membership are are happy with this gi, make sure to comment below!

If you totally disagree with the above statements about the Shoyoroll 1751 Gi, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Also, it's called the 1751 because of Georgetown.  Hence the colours ^_^


    • Right, but they really HAD to make it look like a SYR. Because if you bought the package it was because you like that look. If they made something the majority of people may not like (or something really polarizing like a colored lapel or new material color like army or kelly green), then there would be an outcry for refunds. From a business perspective, they had to make it the best standard gi they could. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of small extras.

      I’m hoping April delivery in time for my birthday!

  1. I hope there will be some extras available for purchase and I hope GUMA members get their money’s worth for supporting the brand in this leap of faith

    • With my most recent entry about the whole shirt and sweatshirt debacle, it isn’t looking too good. Right now GUMA doesn’t seem like a very good deal at all. But I also hope that SYR really does something special for its first-ever GUMA members.

  2. Just purchased it off of ebay (not saying how much) and must say I love the gi. Like all shoyoroll gi’s, they are simple yet exclusive which makes them stand out. Our city and school colors are navy and white and this gi is perfect. It will be predominately a tournament gi so I’m not going to patch it up and will probably either sell the heat patch or put it on another gi. I want to keep it original. I will definitely be a guma member next year if they have it


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