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Vulkan Gi Reviews

About Vulkan: 

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Vulkan Fight Company

This company was founded is 2003.  Vulkan prides itself on producing exceptionally lightweight gis that are also durable, and provide a comfortable rolling or competition experience.  With these characteristics, they’ve really distinguished themselves and become one of the top brands.

They ship all over the world and are carried by a lot of the top distributors.  Given their mission statement, they’re a socially conscious company who genuinely care about more than profit.  That, and I love the graphic they’ve used on their site to show that.  Well done, Vulkan.

To purchase Vulkan gis, check out Vulkan over on (affiliate)

As far as their gi reviews, we will have a few up soon.  Their gis are extremely popular in IBJJF tournaments because of their light weight and so have become very popular overall.  In today’s market, you really can’t survive without making a solid lightweight gi and they specialize in lightweights.


Vulkan Gi Reviews:

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