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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

Do you trust who you buy from?

Trusted BJJ Gi Retailers

robert drysdale versus roger gracie ripped koral gi

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Buying from a retailer or brand you trust is one of the most overlooked aspects of buying a gi.

At some point, your gi will rip.

Even Robert Drysdale’s brand new Koral gi ripped in his match with Roger Gracie in the 2007 Mundials.

“I don’t know if you guys saw this in the finals of 2007 but he ripped my gi. He just ripped my sleeve apart. That was a brand new gi that I had never worn before! That’s not normal! How many people can do that? It’s not like it’s used or anything, it was brand new.” – Drysdale

For example:

I’ve had multiple pairs of pants rip in the past.

Company A told me to ship the ripped pants back to them, along with $20 for a replacement pair.

Company B replied instantly to my email, asked me to take a quick picture of the tear, and then overnight-shipped me a replacement pair.

Why would I ever buy from Company A again? They wanted me to pay $30 for their faulty product, which was insulting.

By making sure to shop with trusted retailers when buying a new gi to avoid a disaster like the one described above.

Here is a quick list of retailers that we personally know and trust:

U.S. BJJ Retailers

MMA Warehouse

Canadian BJJ Retailers

Fight Supply

U.K. BJJ Retailers


Tatami Fightwear

Grappler’s Delight

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  • Hey Brendan,
    It is extremely important to find a store online that you trust. That is why people always turn to amazon for everything. Because they know they will get their package in a quick manner and it will most likely be the same product as advertised. However, some of the martial art niche e-commerce sites can add additional value in helping you out by finding exactly what product will meet your needs.
    Brendan, check out our shop at http://www.themmazone.net
    Thanks for the post!

  • Erik Moskodauz

    Add Gameness to the list of companies to trust. They’ve gone above and beyond helping me in the past. I had a Gameness Platinum that was heavily stained when I recieved it after buying from Century MMA. Century MMA gave me a huge runaround, days of waiting for answers and an all around condescending attitude. I eventually contacted Gameness and they had the situation fixed in one phone call and one email.
    So Gameness gets a big thumbs up. As for Century MMA, they’ll never get another penny from me again.

  • Dave Patton

    Add also MMA Industries. It’s owned by John DelGaudio a Black Belt under Matt and Nick Serra. Great company.

  • BJ Searle

    Hey Brendan, don’t forget OTM, they’ve been around forever and they’re awesome.

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