The Top 5 BJJ Gis For Women 2018

The Top 5 BJJ Gis For Women 2018

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When you're a woman who trains jiu-jitsu, it can be ridiculously hard to find a quality gi that fits right. Lots of female BJJ practitioners can get away with wearing men's gis, but you have a large bust, narrow waist, or wide hips, that's not always possible.

If you're struggling to find a gi that will stand up to your intense rolls while still fitting your feminine form, we're here to help. We've found some of the best women's gis around to help take the headache out of shopping for new gear. And if style is important to you, don't worry: there's something out there for both those who like a little flair and those who prefer their gis with no frills.

All of the gis below have been tested by our honest reviewers, so you can be sure that they'll stand up to all the rolling you can manage. Take a look for yourself and see which women Bjj Gi would suit you best.

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Fushida COMP LS Women's Gi

The Fushida COMPLS both looks and performs great.

Both durable and lightweight at only three pounds, this gi is perfect for the competitor who needs something that will last. All stress points are protected with heavily reinforced stitching, and although the sleeves aren't too loose or baggy, they still meet IBJJF competition standards. It's pre-shrunk, and although everyone's body is different, it generally fits as expected without any more required shrinking. Although the style is simple and leaves lots of space for any patches, the “in spiritu et veritate” on the back of the jacket adds a unique, understated touch.

Check out the review of the Fushida COMP LS for more information, or check it out at the company's website here!

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Fuji Pink Blossom Gi

Fuji Pink Blossom

At $99, this isn't just a great gi  it's also economical. By sitting higher up on the waist, it avoids the problem of the ultra-low crotch that frequently plagues women who wear men's gis. The jacket also caters to a curvier form by being a little more pulled in at the waist. Although the material isn't as thick as that of other gis, it's still more than suitable for anyone who needs a good practice gi or is just starting out in jiu-jitsu and doesn't want to go broke. As an added bonus, the pink flowers are a nice touch.

Read the review for the Fuji Pink Blossom gi, and if you'd like to buy it, click here!

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Da Firma Kimono Company Gi


Ladies with curves, rejoice: this gi is designed with us in mind. It had a bit of extra room in both the jacket and the butt, ensuring that you'll never feel constricted by your own clothes before you even start rolling. The material is both comfortable and durable, and that includes the silky seam tape that won't scratch you while you train. This gi is competition-approved, but stands up to more constant practice rolling as well.

After you read the review for the Da Firma Kimono Company gi, check it out on the company's website here!

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Women's War Tribe Gi

War Tribe Gi

In addition to being expertly tailored for women, War Tribe gis are the best womens Bjj gis known for both their comfort, quality, and style. They feature reinforced stitching on all stress points, which holds up even through months of rolling. However, their durability doesn't stop them from being lightweight and pleasantly soft. They might not be decorated with flowers like many other women's gis, but the striking color means that they'll still stand out in the best way possible.

Check out the full review for the women's War Tribe gi, and then shop their impressive selection of women's gis here!

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Storm Kimonos Nightshade Gi

Storm Nightshade GiStorm Nightshade Gi

With this gi, what you see is what you get: it's completely pre-shrunk, so you can wash and dry it without fear. With narrow shoulders and lots of room in the hip area, it's clearly designed with women in mind. Its anti-odor feature is a cool plus for anyone who hates that sweaty stench that tends to accumulate after a few months of rolling around with other sweaty people. Best of all, this gi really holds up to whatever you put it through. It doesn't rip, and the colors don't fade even after lots of training and washes.

Take a look at the review for the Storm Kimonos Nightshade gi, and if you like what you see, you can buy it here!

Some Closing Words

With these high-quality Women's gis, you'll never have to worry about sacrificing function for form again. You can rest and roll assured that they'll stand up to whatever you put them through while still keeping you mobile and comfortable.


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Averi Clements
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