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GiReviews Podcast 004: Tim Sledd | Black Belts for Autism Awareness


gireviews-podcast-episode-4In this fourth session of the GiReviews Podcast, we have a chance to sit down with Andre Galvao Black Belt, Tim Sledd!

Tim has a really fantastic story and we’re incredibly excited to support his

*Note: I’m super excited for the episode because we’ve finally fixed our recording problems and the audio clarity is infinitely better!

In this session, Tim and I talk about:

  • Tim’s background in BJJ and wrestling
  • Why purple belts draw so many fans at major competitions
    Why Tim and I can’t play BJJ like Keenan Cornelius
  • Andre Galvao
  • Black Belts for Autism Awareness
  • Why BJJ has had a huge impact on his trial skills as a lawyer
  • Why BJJ instructors can benefit from using a curriculum

To support Black Belts for Autism Awareness, click here (100% of proceeds go to charity)

Tim Sledd Are you talking to me

Items mentioned in this podcast include

To support Black Belts for Autism Awareness

Our goal is to raise $5,000 for Answers for Autism


***Not the physical address of the event****
Small Axe Jiu Jitsu
attn: Charity seminar
918 16th Street, Suite 500
Bedford, Indiana 47421
(Please indicate if you will be attending or are simply donating)

(Please indicate if you will be attending or are simply donating)


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