The FluxK Toiler Gi: Clean, Simple, Awesome

The FluxK Toiler Gi: Clean, Simple, Awesome


A while back we did a brand profile on FluxK, they since sent in a gi for review, their gold weave Toiler gi in white.  This soft comfortable gi is as comfy as it is clean in its design.

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I first heard of FluxK in advertisements on some of the BJJ news outlets, I found their clean styling interesting and refreshing.  We also did a brand profile here at gi reviews a while back.  Most new brands today are looking for ways to bling up a gi, FluxK on the other hand has toned it down and produced a great product.

Along with the gi they sent me a T-shirt and a trucker cap, both awesome extras, both featuring their ultra clean, minimalistic logo made to look like a competition mat.

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This gi is an A3.  As I always mention the very best size for my build is A2L but I can wear A3.  This gi fits me like an A3, just a bit baggy in some areas, but definitely wearable.  I can’t complain about the fit of this gi, but if FluxK offered an A2L I think it would fit me better.


A: 6.75

B: 29

C: 32

D: 24

E: 23

F: 11.5

G: 9

H: 37.5


Clean is and understatement when describing this gi.  It is a work of simplistic art.  The gi top is made of a white gold weave with absolutely no design or embellishment other than the brand’s logo embroidered on each sleeve and a small branded patch at the bottom of the left lapel.

The pants are even simpler, with just a single patch on the right thigh.

Other than the brand logo, the color scheme of the gi is black trim on a white gi.

The gi features soft branded seam tape throughout.

Fluxk Toiler BJJ Gi Review (2)My only complaint about the gi is that some of the trim and the patch on the right thigh all have begun to fray over the course of a 5 month test period.  This doesn’t affect the functionality of the gi.


The jacket is made of a beautiful, soft gold weave with black trim.  The gold weave of this gi is slated at 500gsm, so it’s heavy enough to feel substantial but is still light and comfortable.

The lapel is a nice thick twill covered foam, I actually really liked how the collar performed during rolling, it had that perfect thickness that wasn’t so stiff as to be uncomfortable but not so thin as to be malleable.

There is soft branded seamtape at the cuffs and at the bottom of the skirt.  It is a nice touch.


The twill pants of this gi are a bit short for my personal tastes, but are very comfortable.

The double fabric on the knees extends halfway down the shin.

FluxK went with a black stretchy rope and black piping and loops for this gi, keeping with the clean/simple motif.

Rolling Performance

The twill covered collar coupled with the soft yet substantial fabric made the gi top a pleasure to wear.  Otherwise the experience was pretty as expected.

I cannot stress enough how nice the gold weave of this gi is, if you’re on the market for a soft but tough gold weave gi I recommend the FluxK toiler!

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The FluxK Toiler gi is a delight to roll in.  In a time when flashy gis are often more popular than minimalist ones, FluxK does it right.  If you are on the market for a cleanly designed, comfortable and functional gold weave gi, check out FluxK's online store!!

Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for FluxK.

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