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Tatami Fightwear Zero G Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

 Tatami Fightwear Zergo G Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

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From Tatami:



Tatami Fightwear’s Mens Zero G Super Lightweight Competition BJJ GI. After months of design and testing Tatami Fightwear are proud to introduce their Zero G, one of the lightest bjj gi in the world.

Tatami Fightwear’s Zero G BJJ GI (bjj gi) has been designed in conjunction with some of the worlds best BJJ athletes, and is constructed so that the design, durability, and fit across all sizes is the best it can be. The Zero G with jacket and pants weights 1.5kilo (A2 Mens) making it one of the lightest BJJ GI’s on the market and as always comes with a free Tatami Fightwear Zero G branded GI bag.

– Made from 420gsm single weave reinforced GI canvas
– Rubberized collar to stop moisture absorption during training and competition
– Single piece jacket for reinforced strength, durability and comfort
– 8oz heavy cotton stitching on ALL areas of the jacket and pants
– Tapered fit for maximum competitive advantage
– 8oz double reinforced drill pants
– Tatami Fightwear brand patches strategically placed on jacket and pants complying to IBJJF GI standards, and adding a fantastic look to this range of premier competition BJJ’s

Tatami Fightwear BJJ GI Size Chart

Height A B C Weight Size


61″ 25.5″ 35″

55-70 Kilo



63.5″ 31.5″ 39″

71-86 Kilo



67″ 33″ 40.5″

87-102 Kilo




103-120 Kilo


> 6’4


> 120 Kilo


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