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GiReviews Podcast 003: Tap Cancer Out | Jon Thomas


In this third session of the GiReviews Podcast, we have the honor to feature Jon Thomas of Tap Cancer Out.  Tap Cancer Out is an amazing Jiu-Jitsu based charity with a very cool story.  Thanks so much to Jon for being on the show!

In this session, Jon and I talk about:

  • The insane thing that Jon and I have in common
  • Where Jon got the idea for Tap Cancer Out
  • How much I hate getting hit in the face
  • The most heart-warming experience he’s had with Tap Cancer Out
  • The most difficult thing about running Tap Cancer Out
  • Raising more money than I can fathom
  • The importance of goal-setting
  • The best way to support Tap Cancer Out
  • Plus a lot more

To donate to Tap Cancer Out’s new IndieGoGo campaign, please click here!


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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

How to Support Tap Cancer Out

Tap Cancer Out (homepage)

Tap Cancer Out (Facebook)

Stay Classy – online fundraising software

Meerkatsu (Seymour Yang)

Scramble (our interview with Scramble owner Matt Benyon)

GiReviews BigCartel Store – buy gently used gis from GiReviews to support Tap Cancer Out!



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