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Sntmntl Co BJJ Accessory Review


If you’re on Instagram (follow us at ‘gireviresdotnet’), you’ve likely seen us post some stuff recently from SntmntL Co.

They’re a really cool brand that a bunch of people have really jumped on board with.  Not only do they make really cool bracelets, keychains, and other accessories, they also support the sport that we all love.

sntmntl 1

And we aren’t their only fans.  Shoyoroll has recently had them custom produce a bunch of limited edition bracelets and whatnot.

shoyoroll sntmntl

And this is probably my favorite part about them.  If you go on instagram, and tag them in an image asking for a bracelet to match, either they’ll link an image back to you, or they’ll just custom make you something to match!

I asked them to find me something to match my CTRL Industries ‘Drill till Its Automatic’ shirt:

ctrl industries drill till its automatic

and they linked me back with this

drill till its automatic match sntmntl

sntmntl 2

How awesome is that?  I picked up their journey bracelet and keyfob and have been really happy with them.  They don’t match any of my clothes specifically, but they’ve held up really well and are a nice subtle way of showing my support for JiuJitsu without having to wear a tapout shirt (not that I own any… what?  okay, I own one. but I don’t wear it.  Ok! I wear it around the house sometimes. GEEZ!).

sntmntl bracelet

Overall, I’m really happy that I grabbed these and I’m looking forward to grabbing a few more in the future.  If you’re down for supporting a brand that supports our sport, or you’re just looking for some accessories that are a little different than what you’ve seen before (I’ve never seen anybody wearing these in the midwest), then definitely check out SntmntL Co (you can also follow them on Tumblr here).

To Purchase

BJJ Journey to Jiu Jitsu Bracelet

BJJ Journey to Jiu Jitsu keyfob

Main store

Sntmntl Co Bio

SntmntL Co. is an abbreviation for Sentimental. We Love Art and any form or relation to it, the name speaks for itself and thats how we want our customers to Value our products.

We are inspired by what surrounds us for example: our products are all made with 550 paracord, the material used for survivalists! we strive for everyone to understand that we don’t just handcraft our accessories for style but also for eveyrone to know that it can save lives! We are here to try and re-define the accessory world to another level. SntmntL Co. has been ESTA-blished to provide quality handcrafted goods for our everyday people.

We value our customers and because all of our products are hand made we want to make sure that all our customers are happy and get what they want. We take pride in what we do since everything we make is handcrafted to order.



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