Sleeve And Collar Onyx Gi: A Fresh Approach To The Basics

Sleeve And Collar Onyx Gi: A Fresh Approach To The Basics

Sleeve And Collar Onyx Gi: A Fresh Approach To The Basics


A newer addition to the gi market, Sleeve & Collar is trying to set themselves apart in the gi and gear market by offering simple yet subtly unique gear to appeal to the understated jiu-jitsu athlete.  They sent over their Onyx gi for review. Take a look at some best Jiu-Jitsu Gi!

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This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for Sleeve & Collar.


Sleeve & Collar’s imagery is nice and simple, almost stark, but at the same time highly appealing.  When I heard I was going to be reviewing one of their gis, I was excited!

When the gi initially arrived in July, my first impression was positive, but the first gi they sent had holes (a first for me) in the pearl weave body of the gi.  The owner of Sleeve & Collar quickly sent out a replacement (no holes this time) and I have worn the gi as part of rotation ever since, putting it through the paces.


My favored gi size is A2L and Sleeve & Collar offers an A2L.  I found that the fit of this A2L was actually quite generous, reminding me of the fit of Shoyoroll’s A2L.  I was pleased with the fit, and the gi’s fit held true the entire review period.

A:  6.375gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart

B:  30.75

C:  31

D: 23.5

E: 21

F: 13

G: 8.25

H: 38.25


The gi’s design is minimalistic.  Sleeve & Collar went with a standard Pakistani 450 GSM pearl weave top, coupled with brown twill seam tape and black rip stop detailing and pants.

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The only branding throughout the gi is a pair of crossed arrows that Sleeve & Collar has made their brand’s logo.

For me, the trouser design was the most impressive aspect of the gi.


The gi’s jacket design is clean.  Plain black pearl weave, exterior skirting and lapel covered in black rip stop.  Interior cuffs and edges covered in brown twill.

Sleeve And Collar included a nice feature in the yoke panel: a rash guard material yoke.  It felt good when training on hot summer days.

The fabric of the gi makes it a good workhorse gi.  It has a nice substantiality to it while not being too heavy or uncomfortable.


For me, the trousers of this gi were impressive because of the use of pearl weave in the knees and crotch gusset.

I find that when pants have hidden gi material they tend to be functionally superior.

The pants feature a 6 loop stretchy rope closure like many gis.  The brown stretchy rope's ends are not tied off

Like the top there’s not much to say.  The ripstop fabric selected by Sleeve & Collar is lightweight and comfortable yet substantial and durable (like the top) so I was happy!


Rolling Performance

When a gi has gi material in the knees and crotch gusset, grips become much harder to attain and the guard becomes a more dangerous place, therefore I was a big fan of Sleeve & Collar’s design choices with this product.

The fit of the gi was also very well done, so I was happy there as well!  Because Sleeve & Collar offers a variety of sizes, there’s a good chance that anyone buying a gi from them can enjoy these benefits.

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Sleeve & Collar kept their Onyx gi as simple as possible, so there’s really not much to say.  It is an attractive and functional product, and the gi pants have some high level, premium features that you normally need to spend more money to get.  If you are interested in checking this brand out, hit them up at

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