Shoyoroll White Mamba Gi Review

Shoyoroll White Mamba Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll White Mamba


We are proud to release the much anticipated White Mamba Gi. The White Mamba gi is the second gi of the East vs. West Series of gi's for Batch #8. We also feature some design work by artist by the name of John Smalls. This gi is made from our signature 450 lightweight pearl weave top and popular 12 oz rip stop pants. This is gi also comes with a limited edition gi bag. Enjoy!
Batch #8 – East vs. West Series 2 of 2.

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Gi Review: Shoyoroll White Mamba

Gi Name: White Mamba
Color: White w/ Purple Trim
Style: 450 Gram Pearl Lightweight Weave Jacket, 12 oz Ripstop Pants

ETA: 3/11 – 4/11
Date: 12/22/10
Time: 3PM PST
Limit: 2 per customer


Gi Review: Shoyoroll White Mamba top

    • Lightweight 450g pearl weave fabric
    • One piece jacket with no back seam
    • Custom IPOD/ID pocket
    • EVA Foam Collar
    • Contrasting color stitch
    • Heavy Reinforced Seams
    • Tailored Fit
  • Custom woven inner taping


Gi Review: Shoyoroll White Mamba bottom

    • 12oz Ripstop cotton Pants
    • Stretchy Rope Drawstring
    • 6 Point loop system
    • Contrasting color stitch
    • Heavy Reinforced Seams
    • Tailored Fit
  • Custom woven inner taping

User Reviews

via Nick

I enjoy there Gi very much. The mamba is very lite and strong. Comes in handy for me at competitions making weight. I really don’t care what people say how the Gi looks, simply “to each his own”. I like it.

via Mick Collins

I’ve had a few Shoyoroll Gis and my last Gi was a Tatami lightweight for summer. I love the Tatami(even though I bought it for the summer and have been hurt most of the summer.) but don’t think I will purchase another Shoyoroll. The first Shoyoroll I bought was right when I started BJJ and I bought it off Budovideos. Wasn’t a race to purchase them then. Since then, I think the quality has gone down.

via lechien

I own the Mamba gi. I owned Atama, Atama Mundial and Koral as well Pride. Mamba is thin and well cut. The pants are flimsy and I was worried that they would rip (which they have not). It dries so quick.

The lapel has rip stop material or something similar which makes it dry quicker. I preferred SYR and am waiting for the compadre. I no longer would buy another brand. The string which is like a rope is better.

just wanted to add that Mamba came with a nice carry bag and an inner pocket that you could sew in.

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via beachgrappler

I own several shoyorolls and honestly, I like my subculture gi a lot better. I love the Mamba jacket but the pants ripped out on me in a month (although I was wearing them several times a week but come one…ripstop sucks imo). The sizing is a bit off if you are around 6’2 195ish. I’m too small in the waist for the A3 pants, too short for the A3S (sleeves are freaking long), and a tad too big for the A2. If you want a nice cut, great quality gi…check out subculture in my opinion. They stock a lot of the great gyms in Chicago area and are becoming quite popular. Getting a shoyoroll is fun, but at the end of the day it’s not entirely worth the headache they can be. On top of this, sometimes they have some questionable stitching and quality control on the batches certainly varies. Some of the pants I’ve gone through have been either good or complete junk. They are getting too big in my opinion and their manufacturer is cutting corners on quality.

via MrNobody

I have both the Yank and the Mamba. I get lots of compliments on both gis. I prefer the mamba as it just feels cleaner. The pants are incredibly light and may not last but they have shown no signs of fatigue lately. The jackets are pretty soft but feel tough and don’t feel like sand paper after a hang dry. I’d definitely buy another.


Update (3/24/2017): This gi is no longer available for purchase.

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