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SHOYOROLL Gi Giveaway!!

We are proud to announce  our newest GiReviews.Net giveaway!

SHOYOROLL has stepped up to give GiReviews.Net readers some free gear.

This time around, Shoyoroll has decided to give 1 lucky winner THE SHOYOROLL GI OF THEIR CHOICE!  You will get the choice of ONE OF THREE SHOYOROLL GIS!
Here’s how to win:

1. Join the GiReviews.Net e-mail list. If you do not join you might miss out on when to post to win!

2. Become a fan of Gi Reviews on Facebook.

That’s it!  Easy, huh?

Two simple things to win your choice of  three amazing Shoyoroll Gis!

Now onto the prizes!!

The grand prize winner of this contest will get their choice of a Shoyoroll Americana (size A3), Rio Koi or The Ring gi!

If you read our most recent Batch 12 preview, you know that the Rio Koi and The Ring will not be available until June or July.  But, should you prefer an Americana, we will send it out to you right away without any long delays!  You can have a Shoyoroll gi in your hands just a few days after the contest ends!  How cool is that!

But, this also means that if you aren’t an A3, or prefer the new designs, then you can get a Rio Koi or The Ring in any size you want!

You choose: shoyoroll-americana


shoyoroll rio koi
shoyoroll the ring
The details:

In roughly 2 weeks, GiReviews will e-mail you instructions on where to post for a chance to become a winner.
Posting may be done on our Facebook page so make sure to ‘Like’ us and keep an eye out for the e-mail!
Winners will be randomly selected via Random.org.
Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the post being made.

The Grand Prize winner will be able to submit a picture of them wearing their brand new Shoyoroll Gi to be featured on GiReviews.net’s Facebook page!

Click here to check out Shoyoroll shirts, kimonos, and gear at BudoVideos. (affiliate)

Good luck to you all!

Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to enter!!

23 comments… add one
  • I’m in!

  • Ciryl

    In 🙂

  • Eric W.

    Really like “The Ring”, but all are great! Job well done! 🙂

  • Remco Pardoel

    Would be awesome to get a SYR gi!!

  • Jonathan Udy

    Love the “The Ring” gi! I’m in 🙂
    Thx, Brendan!

  • Ralph

    I love how “The Ring” looks like and the “Rio Koi”, absolutely stunning! 😉 Good job Shoyoroll!


  • I am in!

  • Ramon

    NOT BAD AT ALL!!! still havent had the money to drop on a shoyoroll gi and it would be sick to be able to win one…

    • lester

      same here ! good luck 🙂

  • joey d

    Great gi! Want to win one!-

  • lester blandino

    can we still win one ? or did you already choose a winner ?

    • hey lester! thanks for commenting. we actually did already give away the Shoyoroll. But we’ll do another SYR giveaway in the future and, right now, you can enter to win a Submission FC Hemp Sensation gi over on the right!

  • * Gabriela *

    When are you going to be announcing a winner?
    I’m going to be buying The Ring for myself, or trying anyways…
    But would love to get the Rio Koi, or the Americana for my husband!! He’d flip!!


    • Thanks for the comment Gabriela! We already announced the winner for this! In fact, I’ll be buying his gi today! But we have contests every month and we just gave away a Hemp Sensation gi.

      Have you checked out our articles about the SYR sale on Monday?

      • Gabriela

        Hi Brendan,
        Thanks for your reply, I really do appreciate it!
        That’s too bad about the giveaway! But yes, I’ve been hounding the website… But Shhhttt… Don’t tell anyone about it, Ill be trying to get one Monday! Just in time for my Bday too!

        I do have a question you might be able to help me with, when looking at the Budovideos website, it says that the Ring does not have a Gi bag, that it comes in a plastic bag. Out of the ordinary?



  • Gabriela

    Thanks again for your response Brendan!
    Well obv, the bag isn’t the big prize, but you know girls, we always love the accessories!! lol

    Oh don’t worry, I’ve read all your posts and suggestions on The Ring; greatly appreciated! Wish me luck!!

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