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Shoyoroll Batch 12 Sneak Peek!

Shoyoroll Batch 12

Just got another awesome e-mail from Shoyoroll about their Shoyoroll Batch 12 gis!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Shoyoroll Batch 12!


shoyoroll batch 12


One of our artist series release by homegrown NYC based artist John Smalls. The designs and color ways are influenced by the birth place of BJJ (Rio De Janiero, BRAZIL) and design pattern blend of a Japanese inspired Koi with a Water Dragon (2012).  We will also be featuring pattern
 art hits in different parts of the kimono.


Rio Koi Specs:

  • Lightweight Standard Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 10 oz Drill Cotton Pants with Gold Weave Gusset
  • Color ways of White with Green and Yellow Trims




shoyoroll the ring



This is our first athlete series release of 2012.  We are introducing our Brand New PRO Pearl Weave Fabric along with our new lightweight Poly/Cotton Blend pants that are both light and durable offer amazing blend for guard players and competitors.

The Ring Specs:

  • Lightweight PRO Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Lightweight Poly/Cotton Pants
  • Color ways of Black with Purple and Grey Trims


Shoyoroll Batch 12 gi’s are set for release June/July 2012 or maybe sooner.

Anybody thinking of picking up one of the Shoyoroll Batch 12 gis?  Really interested to hear more about The Ring and how it’s good for guard players.


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  • Hey, I really enjoy your reviews they’re very well written. If you’d be interested in getting some additional exposure I’d love to have you do a guest post gi review on fighterstyle.com with a link back to your site. Let me know… @Fighter_Style or fb.me/fighterstylecom Thanks

  • I’m going to be all over the Ring gi. Great work, as usual, boys.

    • Very interesting! We’re hoping the gi is as snazzy as it looks in Ryan’s video. And, the koi looks amazing too. I hope there’s more art on this than on the mamba, though.

  • Eric W.

    Both new lines are sweet, but I really like “The Ring”. Beautiful Gi!! 🙂

  • perrie


  • John D

    Can’t wait! both gi’s are DOPE!!

  • Great Gi reviews! I would really love a shoyoroll gi some day! they are so hard to get hands on :/

  • Marcus

    Both look so nice and clean! Ring would look beautiful with a purple belt ! I wish they gave more insight to the artwork that was going to be including and added to the Koi though. Probably going to pickup the Koi, or both depending on the $$ and pre order date. As always Shoyroll produced some beautiful and clean kimonos that have the perfect balance.

  • What the date of the release and the pre order date for the batch 12 Ring?

    • Really not sure yet! I believe that since it’ll be a Juny/July release, the pre-order will be 6-8 weeks before that.

  • J

    cant wait

  • Cat

    I want the Rio Koi!!

    • I think given the choice between the Ring and the Rio Koi, the Ring has a small edge. What draws you to the Koi?

  • Mark

    I really like the Ring gi. Gives me a reason to get back into jiu jitsu. Been a while since I’ve been grappling, but now everything is green lit.

  • Emanuele

    The Ring for me! Absolutely amazing black/purple combo. When will this be out?!?!

  • Steve

    Do you think the ring will be another 6-8 weeks after the pre-order even though the Gi is already produced and in Shoyorolls hands now?

    • Yeah Steve, I don’t know. They said they’re sending out an announcement on Monday. It will likely have all of the ordering info then. But I just saw Ryan hall with one on when he promoted Seph to black belt so either its a prototype that he got a while ago, or they’ve been sent out to athletes. We’re such gi nerds.

      It shouldn’t be. The order should be made and they should be sent out. Just like the Uniblue.

  • Steve

    Shoyoroll does know how to market!
    However, they also know not to over do the Bling, and their Gis are art. I think the best three symbols in BJJ are the shoyoroll embroidery on the shoulder, the lion on the Blackstar Gi, and the Checkmat symbol (Chess piece). Other companies have tried but they just do not have it.

    Its hard to get the right Bling without looking tacky.

    • I like tacky. The tackier the better =o) And I agree. I really like their comp gis that they make for athletes. Just very difficult to get one if you aren’t a full time competitor.

  • Since its looking like a pre sale as opposed to a pre order, as you mentioned in another post, I’m looking to get this. The only thing I have against shoyoroll is the turn around time but it looks like with this batch they’re addressing that and that’s enough to slowly win me back over. Fit wise its one of the better gis for me, next to koral.

    The Ring looks very sharp, I like the contrast of the purple versus the black. Lines are clean and I’m a sucker for dark gis (black or navy are my favorites). Any ideas as to what the Ring refers to? The nerd in me hopes its a Tolkien homage but I highly doubt it. The Rio Koi looks great too. I like the contrast of the green and the white and I’m willing to bet that the lining will probably be similar to the mamba with a colorful design. I think both look great!

    Looking forward to learning about the details of the pre sale on Monday!

    • awesome Mark! Glad you’re still reading the page haha. How’s everything at Barra?

      I think with SYR either it’s a long wait time (pre-order) or not everybody gets a gi (pre-sale). If getting or not getting a SYR is the biggest problem in our lives, then I think we’re doing pretty good =o)

      • Barra is great, school has been training hard for the Summer Open. The heat has been intense though as we don’t have AC.

        Totally agree with you on the doing pretty good part if the only problems we have are SYR gi wait times. I’m not complaining! 🙂

        • Holy crap. That must have been brutal this week. We didn’t have the AC on either and after a few 6min. rounds, we were all toast. I’ll make sure you let you know what the deal is with SYR when I find out!

          • Steve

            Brandan, Why does Shoyoroll not answer the questions about “the ring” on their own face book page? They have Gi-reviews answering questions for them?

            It would seem that Shoyoroll would know about sizing, availability etc. better than anyone else. Is this just part of their unique marketing techniques?

          • haha Steve, i AM Gi Reviews =o) I’m just answering questions to be helpful.

            Yeah. I think it is a bit weird to post about helping with sizing and then only reply to one person. But, again, I don’t know their situation and I just like to help people (hence this whole site about gis haha).

          • Steve

            LOL. Brendan, I know you are Gi-Reviews, that is why I am posting here. I think Shoyoroll purposely does not answer questions themselves to build the tension. They selectively answer the questions they want to answer. Seems like they are playing mind games with their customers just a bit. Are they that small that they can not have shoyoroll staff answer questions from valued loyal customers? I do not mind the wait, but INFORMATION on a pre-sale? Why not just announce when the sale is. This Gi was first announce in February!

          • Steve

            This sale for a Gi is like having a grand opening for a Restaurant opening 4 times. Could you imagine?
            Our grand opening will be announce on Feb 3. Followed by the announcement ” More information on our grand opening will be given on April 2. Followed by ” We will be giving some of our top menu entree’s on April 20″ Followed by “stay tuned for our grand opening maybe in June or July”. Followed by “we will be giving more information on July 9 on the next grand opening.” LOL!

          • What a great analogy haha. I understand it. As I’ve always said, SYR is a good mid-range gi at a decent price. Not worth freaking out over, and not worth paying ‘ebay’ prices for. But they’re nice for sure, just not a ‘high-end’ gi.

          • Steve

            Why do you think that when someone mentioned that the Gi’s are made in Pakistan (a terrorist state) a Shoyoroll rep addressed the concern immediately. This tells you that Shoyoroll is reading the questions on their face book.
            They address some questions but not others. This is genius marketing. The hype builds and builds!
            I want to go to the Shoyoroll marketing school!

  • Steve

    I used to work at a night club. We used to start a line when the club was empty. People would drive by and see a huge line and think this must be the place to be. I think the psychology is similar.
    You should of seen the look on the peoples faces at the front of the line when they first entered the empty club! LOL!

  • Steve

    I used to work at a night club, and we would start a line when the club was empty. When people drove by they would see a huge line and think this must be the place to be. I think the psychology is similar.
    You should of seen the look on the peoples faces at the front of the line when they walked into an empty night club. LOL!

  • Dan

    Steve, it is much more likely that us paying people to make Gi’s in Pakistan does much more to reduce terrorism and hostility than it does promote it.

    Pakistan also isn’t a terrorist state, it is a corrupt state. Much like 100% of the governments in the world.

    • Steve

      first of all I said that someone else had mentioned the gi’s were made in Pakistan and THEY said it was a terrorist state. I only said that Shoyoroll QUICKLY responded to this person when they mentioned Shoyoroll was made in Pakistan which others said was a terrorist state.
      My point was that Shoyoroll quickly answered that question but chose not to answer other questions at all.

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