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Scramble BJJ Gi Reviews

About Scramble BJJ: 

scramble bjj

Scramble is a really cool company based out of England.  Their owner, Matt, and co-owner, Ben, are pretty awesome and accesible guys.  If you contact them via twitter and facebook, they’ll get right back to you (this is from personal experience).

Scramble’s (affiliate) expressed goal is to go against the mainstream trend of ” flying skulls, winged skulls, flying winged skulls with top hats on, minotaurs, bulging muscle man, dragons with flying skulls and top hats on them, flying minotaurs with winged skulls and flames, and all the other crap that infests the visual side of the MMA world.”  As you can see, they’re pretty funny too.

Matt lived in Japan for a number of years (awesome documentary on that here) and you can see the heavy Japanese influence in their designs.

On their site, Scramble mentions that, as a small company, they care about every single one of their customers.  I have found this to be true in every sense.  I love my scramble bjj gear and would definitely recommend it to others.

Ordering Scramble BJJ Gear

To purchase Scramble bjj gis or other items, check them out over at: to save on some shipping if you live in the US. (affiliate)

Scramble’s homepage is the best place to order if you live in the UK or outside of North America (affiliate)

Scramble BJJ Gi Reviews:

Scramble Wave Gi Review

Ichiban (1chiban) Scramble BJJ Gi

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