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Scramble Athlete Gi Preview

scramble athlete gi oliver geddes

Few things get me quite as excited as a new release from Scramble!

I’ve been fans of their gis since the 1chiban and really enjoyed The Wave as well and it looks like their next release is going to be pretty awesome as well.

I’ve included as many photos as possible so that you don’t have to waste your time stalking Matt Benyon and Oli Geddes (not that I did any such thing!).

Scramble Athlete Gi Specs

  • Jacket is lightweight pearl weave 450gsm.
  • Pants are a new type of ripstop made from 100% cotton so less waxy and feel great even when wet and are also lightweight.
  • Lean and mean competition gi with modern stylings.
  • Really high quality printed bag with every purchase.
  • Will be available through all our major re-sellers including Scramble USA.
  • But, what will it cost?  I’ve been personally assured (Scramble super double pinky-swears) that the Athlete will be considerably cheaper than the Wave (WIN!)

scramble athlete bjj jiu jitsu gi

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Scramble always prides themselves on bringing something new and different with each offering and I would say they definitely have.  With the rashguard lining of the Wave, many people are hesitant to use it for a competition gi, so the Athlete will be perfect for those looking for a cool, lightweight, competition gi.

And now for the photos!

scramble athlete gi oliver geddes scramble athlete gi oliver geddes scramble athlete bjj jiu jitsu gi scramble athlete bjj jiu jitsu gi scramble athlete bjj jiu jitsu gi scramble athlete gi oliver geddes roger gracie

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