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Ronin Brand BJJ Gi Reviews

Ronin Brand Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

ronin brand

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand has been making martial arts uniforms for years.  Ronin Brand operates out of Kinji San Martial Arts in Brooklyn, NY, Ronin Brand provides high quality gis that are very fairly priced. 

I hadn’t heard about Ronin before a few months ago, but once I started asking people about them, it seemed like a lot of people from the East Coast BJJ scene and even more judo and karate practitioners had heard about them.  No wonder, since they’ve been in business since 1976.

It is very easy to contact via phone, e-mail, or on their Facebook page.  It is not at all out of the ordinary to recieve a very prompt or even immediate reply from them regarding inquiries about Ronin Brand BJJ Gis.

Like I mentioned in my Insignia Review, I had the great opportunity to speak with Doug from Kinji San for a while on the phone about the various gis that they carry, especially the Ronin Brand Insignia and I definitely suggest that if you live in New York, you get there right away, and if you don’t, give Doug a call because his customer service is top notch!

 kinji san martial arts

Ronin Brand Gi Reviews

Ronin Brand Insignia BJJ Gi Review

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