The best BJJ gi for your body type (2016 Short and Stocky Edition)

What is the best BJJ gi for short, stocky, or muscular grapplers?

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Every day people are posting their height and weight into internet forums and asking what type of gi will fit them the best.  Lots of people answer but there’s never been one article that puts all of the answers together.  Until now.

In another recent article, we discussed the best gis for skinnier and leaner guys.  In this article, we’ll discuss the best gis for the big guys.

In this second half of the series, we’re going to take a look at the big guys.  This includes those of us who are just plain fat, as well as the guys carrying a large amount of muscle in our upper or lower bodies.  For some reason, gis never fit us right.  For the muscular guys, gis fit super tight and restrictive in the upper back, thigh, and shoulders.  For us chubby guys, the gi is always coming open around the midsection because there isn’t enough material for our bellies.  For both groups, their midsection fits one gi, and their arms and legs fit another.  Bummer…

But wait, there is hope.  In fact, there’s a lot of hope.  Here’s a two gis that are sure to fit you.

Tatami Estilo 5.0

tatami fightwear estilo 5 bjj gi review

tatami estilo 5 sizing chart

Get your very own Tatami Estilo 5.0 at MMA Warehouse

Hypnotik Base Gi

Hypnotik Base Gi

hypnotik base gi sizing chart

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Inverted Gear

Inverted also offers an awesome A2H gi that’s perfect for big guys! Check it out here.

Da Firma Kimono Company

Da Firma offers a bunch of cool sizes for bigger people such as:

A-3 (SHORT) — 5’8″-5’11” — 195-215 lbs

A3M (SHORT)   5’8″-5′-11″    220-235 lbs

A3M     6’0”-6’3″     225-250lbs

A5S     5’8”-5”-11” 260+

Click here to check out Da Firma’s gis for bigger guys!

Kingz Kimonos

Kingz Kimonos offers two cool sizes for bigger folks as well:

5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″
210 – 240 lbs.
5′ 10″ – 6’1″
210 – 245 lbs.
Click here to get your Kingz Kimono from Amazon

Atama & Koral

Next are two mainstream gis that get a lot of attention for fitting stout people as well as (sometimes) skinnier people.  These are Koral and Atama (sometimes Padilla and Sons is mentioned in this vein as well).  Typically, Atama has a longer skirt, which will favor guys with a bigger belly and will keep their lapel tucked into their belt whereas a smaller skirted gi will not.

Shop for Atama BJJ gis for short and stocky guys at Amazon


Next is, again, Shoyoroll.  Shoyoroll offers the size A2H (A2 Heavy) which fits guys between 5’8″ – 6’0″    and 220-250lbs.  They are a great option, but as stated in the first half of this series, they are often disregarded due to limited availability and a long wait time after ordering.  Still, the A2Hs are a good option for bigger guys and there are Shoyoroll gi reviews on this site for the Yank and White Mamba and reviews are forthcoming for the Yin, Yang, Compadre, and Americana.

Gorilla Fight Gear

Last is, surprise, Gorilla Fight Gear’s Big Guy’s Silverback Platinum Wave BJJ Gi.  Unlike just the A2H offered by Shoyoroll, Gorilla Fight Gear’s Big Guy gi offers a wide range of sizes for the big guys (like me).  So if you’re anywhere from 5’5” and 180 to 6’4” and 320+ lbs, see the chart below to figure out where you fit into their sizing.  Also, these big gis come with a rashguard liner on the inside  and “roomier in the shoulders, chest torso, and hips and thighs to allow you the freedom to move unrestricted like a big cat.” (quoted from their website.  Hilarious.).

Size Height Weight Sleeve 2 Sleeve Sleeve Width @ Armpit Gi Jacket Width GI Pants Out Seam GI Pants Waist Width Leg Width*
A2X 5’5″-5″8″ 180 to 210lbs 64″ 11″ 25″ 37″ 22″ 12.5″
A3X 5’8″-5’11” 205-230lbs 67″ 11.5″ 26″ 40″ 23″ 13″
A4X 5’11”-6’2″ 225-275lbs 70″  11.75″ 27″ 42″ 24″ 13.5″
A5X 6’2″-6’4″ 270-320lbs 74″ 12″ 28″ 44″ 25″ 14″
A5XX 6’2″-6’4″ 320+lbs 74″  12.5″ 29″ 44″ 26″ 14.5″

Here’s their beefy gi underneath their regular gi of the same size (both are A3s).

Summary for the big boys:

Looking for a specific gi review?  Check out our reviews here.  Don’t see it on there? Let us know!


Gameness Pearl Gi Review

Gameness Pearl Gi Review - banner1

Guest Review by Ronald Willbanks

This Gameness pearl gi review features a 550g pre-shrunk top, ripstop pants and the collar of the gi is also ripstop.  There are patches on the shoulders and lapel and some cool taping along the bottom of the skirt and the pants.

At the time of its release, nobody else had really done a gi like this, so it was pretty cool, but even with lots of other ‘pearl’ weave gis on the market, the Gameness Pearl is still pretty solid.  It remains a mainstay for Gameness, but has been replaced by the Gameness Feather and Gameness Air.

Check out Gameness BJJ Gis at MMA Warehouse
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Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Gi Buying Guide

BJJ Gi Buying Guide

It looks like the very same issues often appear when individuals start Brazilian JiuJitsu…

Lots of individuals inquire “Can I just use any gi or kimono for BJJ?”

Well, you could, however I highly instruct against it. To the untrained eyes, they look comparable, but are all very different sorts of uniforms. For example, a judo uniform has a loose cut; the sleeves as well as collar will probably be much easier for your opponent to grab and employ against you. And the taekwondo or even karate uniform are extremely slim to make it in BJJ, they’ll tear after a couple of grappling sessions.

Fantastic deals on BJJ Gis await you at MMA Warehouse!

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Daniel Camarillo’s Armhunter Gi: For When You’re Out Hunting for Arms…

Armhunter Black Pearl Weave Gi Review-banner-3


If you don’t know who Daniel Camarillo is, look him up.  One of the most decorated American jiu jitsu competitors around, Camarillo is a legend of the sport.  He recently put out his signature brand Armhunter’s first jiu jitsu gi, check out the review!

Purchase pearl weave gis by Hayabusa, Fuji, Gracie & more at MMA Warehouse
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E Nois Alley Cat: Check Out This Gi Right Meow!

E Nois Alley Cat

by Emil Fischer


E Nois, Portuguese for “It’s Us” or “We Got This” is a different kind of brand that puts out a different kind of product.  They sent over their beautiful Alley Cat Gi for review and it truly is a unique and special product.

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New to GiReviews.Net? START HERE.

New to GiReviews.Net? START HERE

Welcome to GiReviews.Net!  I’m honored to have you as a part of the community.

We believe that finding a gi that fits your unique body type is hard, but great reviews make that easy.

Our mission is to be the ONE PLACE online that you can go to for reviews of the best gis on the planet.

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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That We Can’t Live Without

Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Gi Buying Guide

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Interview with the mind behind Yolo BJJ, Eric York


I’m pretty pumped to share with you a super in-depth interview with the President of Yolo BJJ, Eric York.

Interview: The mind behind Yolo BJJ with Eric York

GiReviews: Tell us a bit about your background with martial arts.

Eric York: I stated training in Shorin Ryu Karate in my early twenties but it just didn’t stick. It, honestly just wasn’t challenging, but one thing I did learn was the RNC (albeit, not with great detail) in one of our basic self defense classes.

About five years later I was attacked at my vehicle late one night when leaving work. I was able to duck under a swing and get behind my attacker and apply the RNC. The next day (this was back in mmmmm…maybe 1996?) a coworker who was training some submission grappling heard the story and asked me to come train with them.

I was hooked immediately.

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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without



There are so many items to buy on the BJJ market… What gear is actually worth buying?

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Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2016



I might be a bit crazy in saying this, but I think the new Scramble Standard Issue gi is the best budget gi you can get this year.

For $90 shipped, you get an incredible ‘basic’ gi and all of the patches to make it into the fully blinged out ‘Nascar status’ gi you know I love.

Find the Discount over at MMAwarehouse


gi-reviews-scramble-standard-issueHere’s a few more details on Scramble’s new ‘Standard Issue’ gi:

  • Undecorated save for two branded SK tags, the Standard Issue Semi Custom comes with eight woven patches for you to decorate the gi as you see fit.
  • Patches can be ironed on however it is recommended to sew.
  • 450GSM pearl weave top
  • 230gsm cotton ripstop pants
  • Very high quality finish
Check out all the details at MMAwarehouse

Padilla & Sons Gold Weave Gi Review

Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

Padilla & Sons Gold Weave BJJ Gi – Blue

Guest Review by Steve of

Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

If you ever want to learn new BJJ techniques or BJJ concepts, check out Steve’s site!


Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave I needed a standby gi for when my “favorite” gis were dirty, wet, both, or in the wash.ÿ Of course I took to the internet and on one of the main grappling forums, a poster had started a discussion about the high quality gis being sent out by Padilla & Sons.ÿ He mentioned the awesome pricing for a gi of this quality while also bringing up the outstanding customer service he had received.ÿ He wrote how he had some questions about his gi, called the number, and basically Mrs. Padilla answered.ÿ He said she hooked him up and solved his issues quickly.ÿ So I checked them out.

I was looking for an economical gi that was both durable and usable for every day rolling.ÿ I also wanted a gi with a bit of color or decoration too.ÿ I’m for sure not a skulls and flames guy but I’m also not a guy that likes those plain white karate gis from the 80’s either.

I read up on their gis and because of the reputation and low price, I chose the blue gold weave.ÿ This gi quickly stepped up into the main rotation and became a favorite as well!


Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave I bought this gi several months ago and it is still holding up well.ÿ I just went and checked out the current pricing over at P&S and they have gone up slightly.ÿ For the quality however, the pricing (about $100) is still well worth it.


First thought when I opened the package?ÿ Damn – that is blue!ÿ Before this gi, I only had white and black ones, this was my first blue.ÿ Upon taking it out of the package for the first time, I liked the way it looked.ÿ All nice and fresh.ÿ I will say that the jacket did seem a tad rougher than other jackets but of course that went away with washing.

Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave Padilla & Sons have kind of a minimal website – their business is making quality gis not running websites so some of the pics were not so high quality and they didn’t have too many.ÿ So it was kind of a surprise as to how the gi looked exactly.ÿ And I was pleased.


Unfortunately I’m going to have to give the P&S gold weave just an above average fit.ÿ The pants fit great, it’s just the jacket is a bit too narrow across the shoulders and the sleeves are a tad too short.ÿ Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

HOWEVER – I will take full blame for the sleeves as I do not know if it was because of the initial washing I didÿ on the gi.ÿ I was not paying attention to the pre-shrinking requirements so I may have overdone it.ÿ I will also add that as the fabric relaxes from training, heat, or sweating, the sleeves become fine.ÿ It’s just initially they are too short.

For comparison purposes, I’m 5’8″ 155, and have an athletic build.ÿ I went with an A-2.


The design is where the P&S gi shines I believe.ÿ It’s nothing fancy – just well made.ÿ Double stitching on all seams and it has a seamless back.ÿ Stress patches on the knees, hips, and jacket skirt as well as along the collar and in the armpits.ÿ The jacket is almost a tank man.ÿ It just looks stout.ÿ If gis lifted weights, the P&S gold weave would be the guy doing squats.

For the logos, I like them and I don’t.ÿ The logos are minimal, I wish they would have had a bit more, there are like 3 on the jacket and 1 on the pants.ÿ 2 of those are the P&S patch, the other 2 are embroidered sharks on the jacket biceps.ÿ I like having a shark but the one on the left sleeve seems kind of random.ÿ It’s just a shark sitting there.ÿ The right sleeve has a cooler shark surrounded by the words Padilla & Sons Kimonos.ÿ That one is cool.


Again, the jacket is stout.ÿ It has reinforcements around the collar, around the cuts on the skirt, as well as the armpits.ÿ The length of the jacket skirt is just right and they put like a cloth reinforcement patch all along the skirt seam, double stitched.

The collar on this gi is awesome, it is one of my favorites from all of my gis.ÿ It is hard to manipulate but not in that too rigid kind of way.ÿ You can tell when you grab it that the threat of chokes is a bit removed while wearing this top.ÿ It’s just beefy, too beefy to use against you.ÿ The collar is a definite plus.

The one drawback to this gi jacket is the sleeve length but like I wrote above, I could’ve caused this by trying to shrink it too much.ÿ Until I’m warmed up the sleeves stop just behind my wrists, like where a watch would be.ÿ This also can be advantageous as your opponent will have a hard time getting his grips on your sleeves.


Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

I absolutely love these gi pants.ÿ Well I guess I should take that back, I like almost all aspects of the pants that came with the gold weave.ÿ I like the material its made from as well as the feel of the fabric.ÿ The pants are sturdy and durable but the gold weave allows it to breathe which means you stay cooler.ÿ The pants are not made from some of the rougher, more stiff fabric you see with some gis.

The length is perfect too.ÿ I would much rather have pants with proper cuff length than a gi jacket with proper sleeve length.ÿ These pants are just plain old comfy.

There are reinforcement patches on the high stress areas too on these pants.ÿ The P&S gold weave gi has these on both knees as well as at both hips where the drawstring passes through.

Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

The pants have a drawstringÿ rather than a rope and 3 loops for you to tie it through which is a nice touch.ÿ It gives you an anchor point right in the middle to tie your knot or pretty little bow.ÿ But this is also the reason why I took back my love the pants comment.ÿ It seems like until you are warmed up and have a little sweat going, these pants in particular need a lot of adjusting and re-tieing.ÿ Once you find that knot sweet spot though, these pants are golden.

Rolling Performance

This gi performs really well out on the mats.ÿ Since it’s a gold weave it allows the fabric to breathe much more than a single weave would.ÿ The back is seamless and of a one piece design so you don’t roll over it with your spine.ÿ The jacket is well built and aside from those little tears you get with use on the collar, it has held up exceptionally well.ÿ Also, the jacket is so beefy that opponents will have a hard time using it against you.ÿ The pants though make for some killer grips around the ankles because it is so soft so be aware of that.


Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave The Padilla & Sons gi is probably one of the best gis on the bjj market due to its durability, price, and reputation.ÿ I would recommend this gi to anyone who is looking to have a gi that is fundamentally sound, very durable, not too flashy, and is basically looking to put their money into something that will last out on the mats.

This gi isn’t coming apart anytime soon.ÿ Right around $100, you are going to be hard pressed to find a standard gold weave gi that outperforms this one.

The gi jacket is pretty good and I’d rate it highly.ÿ The collar is off the charts and so is all of the double stitching and reinforcements.ÿ The pants are the bees knees.ÿ They fit well and are still going stong after countless rolling sessions, no rips or tears, no holes.ÿ And if you ever need customer service, Mrs. Padilla is a phone call away!

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