Our new Ebook and Why this stuff is important

by Brendan

writingi-a-bjj-gi-ebookA month or so ago, I sent out a very ambitious email to the GiReviews.Net mailing list detailing a free eBook that I was going to start working on.

The eBook would cover every single thing you could ever want or need to know about researching, purchasing, and caring for your BJJ gi.

So why do that? Why spend hours upon hours typing up a guide on BJJ gis?

Because it matters.

Why This Is Important

Frankly, you spend your hard earned money on these gis.  It’s your money! You work hard for it.  Sure, you could sell the gi later, but that would cost even more of your time.

Opportunity Cost

Let’s say you don’t read the guide.  And you either buy a poorly-fitting gi, can’t use it at IBJJF comps, your gi falls apart because you didn’t know what brands were reliable, you shrank your gi too much, etc. 

Let’s say, hypothetically, that that gi was $175 and your time is worth $25 an hour.  That’s 7 hours of your life that you spent working for something that you can’t get satisfactory use out of.  Can’t you imagine how furious you would be if you spent 7 hours building something and it fell to pieces?

That’s 7 hours that you can’t play with your kids, spend time with your spouse, or train BJJ because you just threw it away on a mistake that could’ve easily been avoided.

Aside from the money lost, we must consider both the importance of form and function of your gi.

Bad Gis Can Ruin  Your Training

You simply can’t train as effectively in a gi that doesn’t fit well.  Having too little room in the crotch, armpit, or back areas of the gi will severly hamper your movement.  Conversely, if your pants or sleeves are too baggy or long, it will be a nightmare to break your opponent’s grips.

While form is secondary to function, it’s still very important.  Choosing the right BJJ gi matters because how you look affects your performance.  In July of 2012, “Psychological Science” published a study that showed good luck charms and lucky items of clothing increase performance.  Also, studies have shown that your uniform color can influence referee decisions in martial arts competitions (August 15, 2008 issue of “U.S. News and World Report”).

How much does it cost?

Despite my venture to make this guide insanely comprehensive, like I said, the guide will be (and shall forever remain) completely free to readers of GiReviews.Net.  Since you just read what will likely become the introduction for the eBook, see below for a rough outline of chapters and concepts!

Rough Outline of eBook Chapters:

I. Why having a quality gi is important

How a gi can hinder or help your training
Common problems with gis
The psychology of a nice gi

II. Researching the best gi for you

Understanding there is no ‘best gi’
Gi weaves
Gi weights
Pant Fabrics
Pant weights
Best gis for skinny/lanky guys
Best gis for bigger guys
The strongest BJJ gis
The best lightweight gis
Decoding the IBJJF regulations
What a gi should cost
How to find the best gi for you
How to remove patches / embroidery

III. Purchasing your gi

How to save $10-$50 off your next gi
How to find the best deals
Does it matter where you buy it from? (Answer: YES!)
Trusted retailers

IV. Caring for your gi

How to keep your gis color
How to wash your bjj gi
How to shrink (or not shrink!) your gi
How to store your gi
How to remove stains from your gi
How to freshen up your gi’s odor

V. Bonus!

BJJ gi myths
Production locations
How to store your gi
Gi buyers’ checklist

My plan is to publish a weekly list of what I’m working on (via a super cool graphic dubbed the ‘Workometer“). 

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