Lucky Bamboo Series Fleur-De-Lis Gi Review

Lucky Bamboo Series Fleur-De-Lis Gi Review

Gi Review: Lucky Bamboo Series Fleur-De-Lis


These new lucky gis have a new type of fabric never really seen before in BJJ gis: bamboo.  They claim to be stronger, softer, very lightweight, and carry a 1 year warranty.  That's pretty cool because although many manufacturers will replace a gi if you call them, there really aren't any written warranties out there, especially after youwash the gi.

The new gis also claim to be stronger than cotton and hemp and as soft as silk.  They also may hardor less bacter compared to their cotton counterparts.

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What I think is cool about these gis is that they are made from such a renewable resource.  Since bamboo grows very fast and can be cut without killing the plant, it can renew itself very fast.

Like all Lucky gis, these are made to be just as high quality.  The top is a 420gram Platinum weave, the same as the last generation of Lucky gis.  The collar is made of foam and is very light and flexible.

The pants weight 10 ounces and are a low cut fit.  They are, however, an inch longer than the old gis and feel very soft.

The Fleur-De-Lis Lucky Gi

Really, the fleur (flower) just looks cool.  It was popular throughout Europe and has varied meanings.  It was seen a lot on the feudal battlefields of Europe and still looks pretty cool.  Hopefully it brings you some luck!

Size Chart:

A1 5’6” – 5”8
A2 5’8” – 5’11”
A3 5’11” – 6’1”
A4 6’1” – 6’5”
A5 6’5” – 6’10”
A6 6’10” – 7’0″

User Review

by blackjack

Quick review of the Bamboo Lucky Gi.

I received a new white bamboo lucky Gi yesterday and was able to do one training session in it.

First I have 2 older model Luckies and love them, they were the best fitting Gi’s that I owned and I really like their style.

The new Gi is not as visually appealing as the older models, the Font used is not as fancy and the green trim seems a bit gaudy.

There were some stitching issues with the Gi top, I do not think this will lead to unraveling but I expected more from a $300.00 Gi. My older models never had this issue.

The new top is very light, I would estimate about half the weight of the older Lucky and very thin.

The fabric is fantastic against the skin, its got a soft silky feeling that is to die for.

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I sweat a lot during rolls and found that the bamboo does indeed breath reasonably well and kept me substantially cooler.

Over all this is the most comfortable Gi I have ever worn.

The collar is however easy for opponents to grab and manipulate because the fabric is so soft and pliable, I would not really suggest this for a competition Gi.

The pants are not made of bamboo but are cotton, they seemed solid but definatly lighter than my older model pants, the knee reinforcements are not nearly has thick as on the older models. Given that the top is so much lighter and thiner this makes the bottoms a good match.

I am 210 lbs and 6 feet tall, the A3 fits prefectly, I am told bamboo will not shrink which is good as any significant shrinking will make the Gi too small. (after one wash and air dry the Gi has not yet shown any signs of shrinking.) The pants are a bit long for me but they are cotton and I might experiment with skrinking them a bit in the dryer.

After just one training session (90 min, shrimps/drilling/sparing) there were no issues with tearing or wear, one of my partners bleed all over it and the blood washed right out. I was able to do Gi pull ups with it (I weigh 210lbs) with no problems.

I am aware of issues concerning the durability of the Gi (mostly related to the bamboo pants which have been replaced with cotton ones) but only time will tell. I do have a 1 year warranty and the customer support is known to be excellent from this company.

Bottom line, it is a very expensive Gi, it is the most comfortable Gi I have ever worn, It is probably not a great choice for competitions but may be an excellent summer/training Gi especially for those who want to stay cool.

If the Gi can stand up I would consider it the best Gi I have ever worn (for training) and might consider buying another as money permits.

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  1. The price is ridiculous…

    I’d rather buy a submission gi that looks just as good for less than half the price! I’m a bargain shopper.

  2. The first shipment of these gis had problems with tearing. Apparently it was a manufacturing defect. Happened to a friend of mine who has the white and green bamboo gi while I was rolling with him; I got grips on the inside of his knees while working a guard pass and the left pant leg tore a good 4-5 inches on the opposite side. Lucky just recently shipped him a pair of pants supposedly manufactured under a different process, which was pursued after several owners complained of tearing. So far so good.

    • Yeah, apparently the pants on these were a total mess. I’m sure Lucky lost money on them, but good on them for trying to do something new and different with the pants. Live and learn I guess. At least they gave out a second pair of pants to everybody. That’s the best they can do under the circumstances.

  3. I own the black bamboo series, and out of the three I own (atama, shoyoroll, lucky) this is the best gi I own! By a very large margin. However I refuse to wear it in competition, I’m not willing to give my opponent something that soft to grip, but even for a practice gi it is worth every penny. If you decide to go cheap just remember you get what you pay for!

    • Very cool comment BJ! It’s great to see some balance in the comments because a lot of people were really disappointed in the product of the Bamboo series gis. But Applause to Lucky for trying to do something different!

  4. Yes the ripping issue with the pants is real; however, Lucky sent me 2 ADDITIONAL pairs of the old pants to tide me over while they redesigned the pants to make them sturdier…then they sent me the new pair of pants. So I really can’t complain with how they handled the problem since they sent me 4 pairs of pants in total and the new ones show no signs of weakness.
    Also, to echo what BJ said, these bamboo gis are simply the most comfortable gi on the market. Whenever it comes up in my rotation, I’m like “yes” and whenever I have to use another gi it sucks a little. As soon as they come out with the blue/silver one, I’ll be purchasing that one as well.

    • Get out of here! HUGE Kudos to Scotty for blowing other companies’ customer service out of the water. People should take note that THAT is how you handle a situation like this! Really happy to hear this. Can’t wait to pick up a Lucky gi and review it for the site! Any other gis you would compare it to?

  5. Very informative comments. I am in the market for a new Lucky but I do have to say I don’t like the new patches and logos as much as the old ones. Although they have a t shirt that has the symbols with all the belt colors which as a gi liner with the original patches and logos would be awesome. I might wait for the next generation. I think the majority of comments say the same thing so maybe when the staff at Lucky sees them or sees poor sales then maybe they might rethink things. Either that or I have to up my game so that Lucky comes to me to make my own signature gi.

    • haha, thanks for commenting Jason. Sorry they aren’t to your liking. Lucky will continue to adapt and try new things. They were the first to do contrast stitching and the first to do interior lining so they’re always on the cutting edge. Sometimes it’s great, other times not. Can’t wait to see what they do next.


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